Friday, July 02, 2010

giardia, giardia go away

Dear Giardia bug,

Please go away! You've made our life fun this last week, I will give you that, but you have forgotten that Calvin is still figuring out the potty thing, and it's hard for him to make it quickly to the potty when he needs to, especially when he is in pain. Although my vocabulary grew this week because of you and there are a few words I will never forget like stool stample and poop, you need to make a quick exit from Calvin's body. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to check out the medical clinics here, but we'd rather not go back. Your 7 day stay has been long enough. We hope to never see you again.

Our WHOLE family

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Marie said...

When Dev and I worked at Spring Canyon (in Colorado) the mountaineering guides swam in the river and a few of them came down with giardia. It was terrible. I am truly sympathetic for you guys. I hope it leaves his system soon!!