Friday, July 24, 2009

Learning to Find Joy in Him!

Romans 5:5
"And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us."

Well I feel like I've just been walloped again. Waiting is never easy and we've been waiting a while to go back to Nineveh. We were so pumped and excited about the thought of getting back this year. Our timeline had been pushed back a couple of months due to the lack of funds for us to go but we were okay with November, but yesterday we found out it will be even later, March. WOW was this news hard to hear.

Marvin broke the news to me over dinner last night and I pretty much just cried the entire time we were at the table. I was thankful that Calvin was in the mood to give lots of hugs because I really needed it. I was able to go for a long jog last night and gave me some good time in prayer. I was really faced with an issue of contentment, and learning to be content in the circumstances God has placed me in for the moment. Honestly I haven't really been content, I've been looking forward to returning to Nineveh and it seems that is what I have been living for. But that isn't what God has asked of me, instead rather to live for him daily and to die to myself daily. OUCH.

There are so many unknowns right now, housing??? jobs??? I know Father has provided for us in amazing ways before but we might have to make some hard decisions and the thought of going back to work kills me. So we'd love it if you could take a moment and lift up our situation to the One who already knows what's in store for us the next few months.

Thanks you guys are awesome!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

An EVENTFUL weekend

This past weekend was just one of those weekends we'll remember forever. We spend the entire weekend with Marvin's folks. It was such a blessing to meet our newest niece and she certainly is a cutie. She has such feminine features and just melts your heart. Calvin was so sweet with the baby and even wanted to hold her. Of course he had to give her plenty of kisses.

We had a good time seeing 2 of Marvin's brothers and their families. Calvin always has such a fun time playing with his cousins. I've been so thankful for this time of being close, it's things like seeing Calvin play with his cousins and grandparents that make it tough to leave. It's hard to believe Calvin will be 5 during our next stateside time.

The weather was so beautiful this weekend we spent lots of time outside. The fair was in town and Marvin's mom was busy with Parents as Teachers. We took Calvin to the fair on Sunday before we headed home and he was so excited. He loved the animals and had a blast in the little kids play area. He loved the petting zoo and was beaming from ear to ear when he got to ride a pony.

Marvin and I both ran in a race this weekend, the Barnyard Boogie (isn't that a clever name). Marvin ran the 10K and I ran the 2 mile with Calvin. The 2 mile was half on pavement and half on gravel and the gravel killed me pushing Calvin. Part of it was up a small hill and I thought I was going to die. I finished in 21 minutes, so not too bad. I had hoped to finish in less than 20 minutes but that stroller added a few minutes to my time. Since it has been hot I haven't been running with Calvin, so I had forgotten how much more of a work out it adds. Marvin finished the 10K in 47 minutes, it would have been faster but he ran with me the 1st mile!!! He did great and Calvin was cheering him on at the finish line. He was so excited to see him and kept yelling YEAH GO DADDY! It was so sweet. Since it was a part of the fair we got ribbons I finished 1st for my age group and recieved my first blue ribbon since field day in grade school, Marvin finished second in his age group, he had more competiton than I did. It's also my first fair ribbon ever. I really want to run a 10K before we go back, but I need to step up my training before I'm going to be able to do that.

To end the weekend Calvin had his first Happy Meal, which Marvin ate most of. It's only the second time we've been to McDonalads since we've been back and usually when we go out to eat Calvin just shares something we get. He was more intrigued with the happy meal box. I wonder if they will just give you one of those if you don't order the kids meal. He's not very good at eating fast food and I'm okay with that.

Sorry about the sideways video, not sure how to fix it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mommy Mental Health Days

Can I just tell how great Marvin is!!! The week before last really took a toll on me, by the end of the week I was about to cry every time I had to discipline Calvin because it was constant, he was relentless. It just breaks my heart to see him disobey. He's certainly testing his limits right now and Marvin and I have had some great discussion due to it, but it's hard and I can see how easy it can be to just give up.

So when Saturday arrived I was desperate for some help. (Marvin's worked a lot of long hours recently and usually gets home in time for dinner then we put Calvin down for bed.) What a sweetie to give me a whole day to do as I pleased. He took Calvin out to run errands in the morning then put him down for nap, after nap he took him outside to play in the sprinkler. It was such a joy to relax, take a shower without a little boy knocking on the door. Read my bible without feeling rushed. Beautiful.

This week I hired a neighbor girl to come watch Calvin for a couple of hours while I cleaned our carpets. It was such a productive time and worth the money out of our tight budget. It was nice to get some things done so that I can be a part of family time when we do have time together, instead of cleaning.

After having a couple mommy mental health days I highly recommend one for everyone else. I've decided moms need one. So don't hesitate to ask, sometimes we aren't so great at that.

I've learned I have more to give my family because Marvin gave me some time to myself. Being a mom is something that I will always treasure, but don't forget to pamper yourself every now and then.

And just for kicks here's a video of Calvin that I took during our lunch time prayer last week. His "amen" is getting much better, but I just love how eager he is to grab his fork the second he hears that word.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad. I hope you had a great day. Sorry for our lack of posting this earlier, it's VBS week so we've been busy. I promise to make you a homemade cherry pie the next time we see you. I hope you enjoy your gift: that your grandson said grandpa before he said grandma, shhh it will be our little secret, don't tell mom.

We love you so much. Thanks for all the support over the years. Praying for you today!

Friday, July 10, 2009

oh the joys of parenting a toddler

Calvin doesn't really make a great shopping buddy these days. I headed out to Kohl's this week and was constantly taking clothes out of his mouth. Seriously I don't know why he enjoys it so much. He also loved grabbing every shirt sleeve he could reach. I should have known better than to push the stroller through the jewelry section. Mr. Grabby caught this one and sure enough broke it. I was so bummed because I had to buy this ugly necklace. At least it wasn't completely destroyed, he only ripped off two rows of beading. I think it will make a nice dress up necklace for a certain cousin. What do you think?

We've been having a rough week around here, Calvin is testing us big time. Today I was exhausted. We had a great morning he was quite obedient, but due to the sweet little guy only taking a 30 minute nap today we had a rough afternoon. I was working on my VBS room and needed to get some things done, he wanted my attention and I couldn't give it to him and thus major lashing out which occurred the entire time I was working on my room: turning over chairs marking on toys, throwing toys on the ground and the one that makes me really mad: hitting me. Seriously what do you do when a child hits you? At home we just march him to timeout, which is his crib or pack and play, but in public what do you do? We haven't gone the spanking route, and it also seems a little backwards to spank when he's hitting. It's frustrating and hard to see such sin at a young age and we desperately want to train him up by the truths of scripture. But it's so hard, please be praying for me that I would be given the knowledge to know what to do. I also wanted to seek our your opinions, what have you done that has worked? I'd be happy to take any suggestions.

Oh and this evening Marvin mentioned possibly going golfing tomorrow at which I promptly said "No, not this weekend please". Calvin needs some daddy time this weekend, and this mama needs a little break. My sweet husband then said, maybe I can take Calvin to the play place at the mall. I'm looking forward to spending some time digging into the Word in a quiet house. Beautiful!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fun on the Farm

This year was the first year in a long time that all my family has been able to make it to the farm for the 4th. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family and to be a part of such deep traditions. My grandpa lives in the same house he was born in and loves to tell everyone about it. He's very proud of his family and the work that it took to keep the farm running and in the family.

We had a lot of fun laughing and Calvin enjoyed being out on the farm. He's truly an outdoor kid. Give him sticks, rocks and dirt (or soil as Marvin would say) and he's a content kiddo, add in a few dogs, toads and tractors and the boy's on cloud nine. Last year Calvin was asleep during all the festivities but this year he got to stay up and do his own fireworks, snappers. He gave those snappers a whole 2 minutes before he was on to something else.

He wasn't afraid of the fireworks but it took him a while to figure out to look up instead of looking at the tube. The thing that captured his attention was a glow stick bracelet his Uncle Greg brought. It's really such a brilliant idea, give kids something that glows so that you know where they are. That thing entertained him for a good hour.
Here are so of my favorite pictures from the weekend.
I have a picture of my mom and Calvin near this flag last year. It's fun to get a picture of my dad and him this year. (Yes most of my family dresses for the occasion, I used to think it was really cheesy but now I kinda like it.)

We attempted a little photo shoot, mainly to try and get a good family picture. Calvin isn't an easy one to photograph, one of these days we will manage to get a family shot we are pleased with.

This is the outfit Calvin wore last year. It's hard to believe that he was about this stage last year, only less chubby. Time sure does fly by.

Poor thing was up way past his bedtime, it was 11:00 when we finally got in our car to head out, he was out in no time once we finally got moving. He decided to tackle me when we were finished with fireworks. It was like he knew it was time for something else.

Calvin got to help with one sparkler.