Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spy Kids

Calvin loves all things spy and it’s what he plays 75% of the day.  He has quite the imagination so he comes up with some good story lines.  I should write some of it down someday.  I usually just smile at all the creativity he has.  Choosing a party idea was tough this year, he wouldn’t settle on anything and then the things he wanted he literally knew nothing about.  So when I saw some magnifying glasses and a compass in the party section of the store I suggested a spy party, and once I found a cake that looked like a bomb he was hooked.

Micah is very into planes.  He loves them and we live near the airport, so we see them every day and he’s very excited every plane he sees. So his cake was a bit easier to choose and was easy to tie together to the spy theme.  Plus it had to be something that didn't require food dyes.

We sent out invitations, and started getting things planned.  Judah delayed his arrival so I was able to plan it and get started before he arrived.

So when our agents arrived for spy training school, they were fingerprinted and choose a spy name.  My favorite of the day was Micah’s spy name “Green Power Ranger Dinosaur”.  He actually participated much more than I thought he would.

All the agents had to find their shoe and make a shoe rubbing, then we put them on the wall and played Whose Shoe?

All the kids created a bad guy and then we had target practice with the nerf guns.  Each of the bad guys had points assigned to them so we knew who our best shooter was.

We learned a few important spy skills.  How to create a cipher code and how to write secret messages and how to decode them.

We skipped a few planned games because of the excitement over the laser beam course.
Agent Red Fox was our fastest agent, but our littlest agents were hanging in there with the big kids.

After they finished the obstacle course they received an important message:
"There is an emergency that requires your help secret agents.  A bomb has been discovered, but we need your help to find it.  You first must travel to London by plane.  Make sure you get plenty to eat before you arrive."

And were given their plane tickets.

They boarded the plane, had some entertainment and were served an inflight meal.  We had a pancake bar.

When they were finished, they were given the following message:
"Welcome to London agents.  Thank you for coming.  The evil Doctor Freeze has placed a bomb and is threatening to end Calvin's birthday party.  It's up to you agents to find and defuse the bomb.  Doctor Freeze left a few clues for you.  Hopefully your training has helped prepare you for this mission."

They went hunting for clues to find the bomb.  Some they had to use their decoders, others required decoding using a cipher, etc.

They found it pretty quickly and were very excited about the bomb.

This little lady was responsible for destroying the bomb.  Great job Agent Sneaky Eagle.

Then we enjoyed some cake and ice cream.

Next it was time to give our spies their official spy gear for completing spy school.
I found the cutest stuff and took advantage of being in a zip code where Amazon will deliver!!
Passport notebook, disguise glasses, secret message pen, magnifying glass, compass, and finger flashlights.

We opened presents then unleashed the spy kids to play.

What a fun day.  So thankful to have our family and sweet friends at this year’s party.

Monday, October 14, 2013

First Weeks

We’ve been savoring all the squeaks, grunts and newborn snuggles at our house the past three weeks.

Having a newborn has been so sweet and we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter baby.  He’s excels in sleeping and we’re praising the Lord for that.

Here’s a few glimpses into Judah's world.
Working on those neck muscles

First walk

Big Brother helping him play

First family movie night

Plenty of love from his big brother.