Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ten Things

Well we’ve finally semi recovered from a cold bug that hit our house.  I had forgotten how miserable colds make babies.  Of course since it was respiratory stuff I was a bit nervous, which lead to less sleep on my part making sure Judah was okay.  There are still 4 lingering coughs but I’m thankful the miserable part is over.

Marvin and I are training for a 10K this summer.  I’m excited, I only have 4 more weeks left in my C210K program I’m using.  I felt like the 5K marker was a huge milestone postpartum, I can’t imagine how good it’s going to feel to run a 10K.  I’m thankful that there is plenty of time between now and then so I can improve on my speed, now I’m just focused on jogging without stopping.  I’m one slow jogger, but I’m okay with that.

Calvin has his first wiggly tooth.  There is something about him hitting this milestone that makes me a little sad that he’s growing up.  But I’m so excited for him at the same time.  Crazy how that happens.  So for the time being I’m enjoying a full set of teeth.

At dinner the other night we were talking about Easter and Calvin mentioned something about the Easter Bunny.  His only reference to the Easter bunny is the movie the Guardians.  I then said, “Do you know that some people think that the Easter Bunny is real?”  He looked at me and said, “What???!!!  Why would they think that?” 


We should have our passports back tomorrow/today/Thursday depending on when you read this, hopefully with visas in them.  You have no idea how ready I am to have an answer.


We attempted doing some touring with the boys but, it did not go well.  Let’s just say we had to find a bathroom and the closest one was in a bar, and we ended up taking an emergency taxi ride home with a certain little person sitting on the changing pad.  Those things never come in the most convenient moments. 


This little heartbleed bug is a pain if you live overseas....... especially if all your cards are getting canceled and replaced to be safe.  Now combine that with the fact we have no idea where we are going to be living and where to send them means it might be interesting getting cash.

Calvin must be hitting a growth spurt because his stomach is a bottomless pit lately.  I’m afraid of what the teen years will hold.

I saw this article about hipsters today and had to laugh…….especially as one looking into American hipster culture from a distance.  My Pinterest boards have been flooded with all things kale, to kimchi, to brewing your own kombuca and I’m still trying to figure out why people are obsessed with the stuff. My favorite is #18.


We tried this little remedy for hiccups and it’s crazy but it works.  I am so glad to find something easy because Calvin gets so frustrated when he gets hiccups.  Who knew it was as easy as pulling on someone’s ears while they are drinking water.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


We were thankful to have stayed in a few guest flats in Istanbul that cater to families, which means there were items we might need for kids like toys, cribs, high chairs, etc.


When we moved to this apartment I was thankful to find a clean place, with the basics: a decent kitchen (meaning it had an oven), a washing machine, and a crib for Judah.


What we were lacking were toys.  When we left Nineveh we told the boys they could only bring two things.  They each choose a power ranger costume then Calvin brought his Bakugan’s and Cards and Micah choose his rescue bots.  And last minute we let them bring their dinosaur cars that they love so much, but that is all the toys we have with us.  It all fits in one of their carry on bags.  Since we don’t know the future we haven’t wanted to accumulate anything in case we have a 10 more bags that we have to get somewhere else.

So I was a little nervous moving to place without any toys and wondered how they’d do, but oh my goodness their imagination has been taking over their play.  They’ve created restaurants, stores, ninjas, lots of super hero play.  It’s been wonderful.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Out the mouths of Babes

I posted this on fb and Instagram, but in case you missed it…..I came into the living room and discovered that this little monkey wrote all over his face.  He just looked at me and told me, “Mommy my face is trapped.”  I couldn’t contain my laughter looking at him.


The other day the boys were playing “building”, it’s their new game where they build things with blankets and pillows.  This day they were building a house, but Calvin had to go to the bathroom so he told Micah, “Our house doesn’t have a bathroom inside so I have to use the toilet outside.”

I think we’ve been in Central Asia too long because this is normal to him.


Sunday while we were on the metro  Calvin was talking about freckles and asking if he had any yet (we read Freckle Juice last year and he’s been waiting for freckles ever since).  I told him that he had one, then Micah raised up his shirt and pointed to the two freckles he has on his chest.  Which I kindly told him were no freckles and to put his shirt back down.

Calvin saw one of my gray hairs the other day :( and said, "Mama what's that?"  To which I replied, "Just a gray hair."  Then he said, " Oh mama it's just like in Frozen, it's sooooooo beautiful."

Thank you little man, thank you.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Soup Strainer

Marvin’s always wanted to grow a beard, since before we were married.  Somehow he decided this winter would be the winter for it.

He was quick to remind me that I signed up for the beard when we got married.  I never once thought that thing was soft, unless you consider a pokey bristle brush soft.  Sorry babe.

But here’s a picture of his beard the day before it was shaved off.  He tried the goat-tee look for an evening and it was much better than the full beard in my opinion.

One other change in Marvin in this picture is that he had Lasik eye surgery in February and is so thankful for the fact that he can now see without glasses.  Technology is amazing!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Islands {Prince's Islands}

We’ve done most of the tourist stuff in Istanbul, but one place we had never been was Prince’s Islands.  Our week days were full with school and a project Marvin was helping with but we had our weekends free, so one beautiful Saturday our family and tons of others from Istanbul boarded a ferry and headed out to the Islands.  It was good to get out of town for a bit, escape the noise of the city and the Island was so quaint.

There are horse drawn carriages everywhere, since they do not allow very many vehicles on the Islands. 
We planned on renting bikes but we couldn’t find any small enough for Calvin so we walked, and walked, and walked to the park and finally enjoyed our picnic lunch we brought.

On the way home we sat outside and almost froze before making it to back to Istanbul, it's long boat ride.  I am glad Judah and the boys were warm enough, but I am glad we made our way inside at the first stop in Istanbul.


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

5 suitcases

I was starting to get a little “homesick” a few weeks ago.  By homesick I mean I just wanted a place to call home and the started to feel sorry for our poor boys not even having a home and then Micah told me out of the blue, “Mommy we have 3 houses.” 

It’s all about the way you look at things. 

To him we lived in 3 apartments this year, 4 now.  He doesn’t know that they weren’t home and to me I’m thankful that they have been home to him as he’s our child who has the hardest time with the moves.
But I’ll be honest, this transient living is tough.  Since we left Nineveh the end of January we’ve been living out of 5 suitcases, and that includes school books, a few toys, cloth diapers, etc.  It’s simple and I am thankful for that, because I don’t have to stand long at the closest deciding what to wear each day, I only have a few choices, I have 3 pairs of shoes one of which are winter boots and it’s too warm for those anymore so it’s either flats or tennis shoes.

I am thankful I threw a few random things in our suitcases when we left in January, like our bumbo chair, it’s now Judah’s chair where we can feed him.  I brought my immersion blender, I can make baby food.  I threw in some washcloths, I’ve been so thankful for those things in this apartment.  They’ve been useful for actual washcloths and for pot holders. 

 When this last move became a reality I was able to stop by IKEA and pick up some measuring spoons and a measuring cup, so I can somewhat accurately cook.

But mostly I’m ready to call someplace home.  This waiting on documents seems never ending and I’m ready to get back to place where I have friends, a place where meeting new people isn’t hard, a place where I can communicate.  I’m ready to rent a place and make it into a home.  I’m ready to decorate, to invite people over for dinner or playdates.  Who knows if that will happen but I’m ready to know a little more of our future.

Being in this living state has given us a greater understanding of refugees.  Many of them were wealthy, had good jobs, owned homes.  I’ve met several professors, doctors, teachers, young professionals, but they fled to escape the war surrounding them.  I am so thankful that that has not been our case, but it’s given us a better understanding for their state of mind.  Living in limbo is tough, I can’t imagine what it’s like for those who have no other options but to flee and who are unable to work due to their refugee status. 

So for that I am grateful, it’s helped me know how to pray for the millions of displaced people around the world.

And I’m learning to be content with my 5 suitcases.