Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Islands {Prince's Islands}

We’ve done most of the tourist stuff in Istanbul, but one place we had never been was Prince’s Islands.  Our week days were full with school and a project Marvin was helping with but we had our weekends free, so one beautiful Saturday our family and tons of others from Istanbul boarded a ferry and headed out to the Islands.  It was good to get out of town for a bit, escape the noise of the city and the Island was so quaint.

There are horse drawn carriages everywhere, since they do not allow very many vehicles on the Islands. 
We planned on renting bikes but we couldn’t find any small enough for Calvin so we walked, and walked, and walked to the park and finally enjoyed our picnic lunch we brought.

On the way home we sat outside and almost froze before making it to back to Istanbul, it's long boat ride.  I am glad Judah and the boys were warm enough, but I am glad we made our way inside at the first stop in Istanbul.


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Bobbie Beidleman Coleman said...

I love your picture of baby Judah - he is absolutely adorable in his newborn picture! Pryng for you ad Marvin! Barb Coleman