Friday, February 20, 2015

A Quick Trip

Calvin had a break from school this week so we decided to use this opportunity to travel to the capitol to renew his and Micah’s passports.  We tried to get a document notarized so that just Marvin could take them, but we were unsuccessful to find any place willing to do it.

So off we all went, of course it started as a rocky morning, Marvin had to go buy a new ink cartridge for the printer and, when he went to print off the forms he already filled out  he couldn’t find them anywhere on his computer, so he printed out blank forms and then we were off.  We picked up our teammate who would drive our car back home and 5 minutes later Judah threw up, we weren’t even out of their village.

Judah eventually fell asleep but not without getting sick again.  By the time we got to the airport he was hangry (hungry and angry).  Which made it extra fun going through security.  Thankfully it’s a small airport and we didn’t have much with us, so it wasn’t a production like it usually is.  I fed him his lunch then we boarded.  He got sick again on the plane, all over me.  (I forgot to take off his long sleeve shirt, so he was probably too hot, you would think I’d learn.)

We arrived later than planned but got on a train to head into the city, found a place to eat then made our way to our friends’ house where we were staying the night.

We’ve had a very mild winter and so when the boys stepped outside after we exited the metro and saw a wintry wonderland they were mesmerized and suddenly given a burst of energy.  (Really how can you stop a boy from crunching in the snow or trying to climb huge snow piles when they’ve barely seen any snow all winter long????)  It was a much longer walk to their place.

So we finally arrived at their place around 11:00 p.m.  Got them to sleep then got some sleep ourselves.  Knowing they had a late night, I wanted the boys to sleep as long as possible, to avoid some grumpy kids that day.  But in hindsight should have woken the up earlier.  So we were running late.  Thankfully our friend picked up us and drove us to the metro and saved us from trying to keep our boys on the sidewalk, walking and not playing in the snow.

Thankfully we made it to the embassy in time for our appointments.  Micah didn’t use the bathroom that morning so he was about to burst and Judah had a dirty diaper but we were there. Whew.

Of course we had to take out all electronic devices out of our bags.  I had a curling iron in my bag, so I’m sure the guy thought I was crazy when I pulled it out and added it to my cell phone and kindle.

It took about 2 hours at the embassy, much longer than we anticipated, but they had a waiting room with some toys for kids to play in off to the side, which made the time pass quickly.  So we spotted a Burger King nearby, and I took the older boys to eat lunch while Marvin met some friends to say hi with Judah since he was asleep in the Ergo.  We met back up and rushed to the metro and to the train station to catch the train to the airport.  By this time I was out of wipes, which means bad things when you have a child who gets motion sick easily. 

We boarded the train and I reluctantly fed Judah lunch.  He was starving.  Of course he started to get sick, thankfully I had a bag ready, so no need for wipes.  We narrowly escaped disaster.

Thankfully at the airport the kids’ room was open giving us an hour break.  It was much needed.

We went through security and I took the boys to the bathroom shortly before boarding, but what I didn’t notice was that Micah took his backpack to the bathroom and didn’t bring it out.  So when the announcement was made about boarding we discovered we had to run back to the bathroom to get the bag.

The flight went smoothly, both Micah and Judah slept the entire way.  Our friends were flying out that day so they left their car for us, but the battery wasn’t working on the key chain so we had to use the key to open the doors, which sets off the alarm any time you start the car or open the doors.  Fantastic end to a crazy trip.

Thankfully we made it home without being stopped at any checkpoints.

In bed that night Marvin and I wondered how we’d survive traveling with another one in this crazy mix of boys. Lord help us.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Some random lovely things.

There have been multiple things that have rocked my world recently.    Some of them are quite silly but I honestly believe that the Lord has used some silly things to reduce stress and put a smile on my face.

My parents sent some diaper liners for our cloth diapers and wow those things are awesome.  Cloth diapering just got so much less disgusting.  I will be very sad when they are all gone but I might have found a site that ships here and I will be stocking up on them while we are in the states this summer.

Hard Wall Takker-This little tool has transformed hanging pictures in our house.  No more drilling into concrete, adding an anchor just to hang one picture.  Plus I can do it, so no waiting on Marvin getting some motivation to drill, which he hates and it is quiet which means if I feel like hanging pictures at 10:00 p.m. I can!

I completely understand the phrase, “It’s the best things since sliced bread.”  I might be one of the worst bread slicers in the world and especially if it is an especially fresh loaf, my slices are always uneven.  A simple piece of toast for breakfast requires washing a knife and cutting board and then there are the crumbs….oh how I hate crumbs.  So I’ve found some sliced bread, that is not white bread, but not rye, it isn’t hard as a rock, and it's been at the store every time I've wanted to buy it.  It’s worth the extra 11 cents.  But there are days when I just can’t pass up hot fresh baked bread at the store, but it's nice to be able to make a quick lunch from time to time with minimal clean up.

Anyone who knows me well knows how excited I get over a good bargain.  I love being able to find a good sale and use what the Lord has given us wisely.  Since we moved there is a store nearby that sells household products and cleaning supplies that offers a 15% discount on the 15th of each month.  It is always a zoo, but the good deals keep me coming back each month.  This month as I was walking up I noted a sign on the door that said today was a special sale 20% everything.  I saved $18 on diapers, wipes, shampoo, toiletpaper, etc.  Sweet!
Marvin and I went out for our first date since October this last weekend.  It was needed.  We rarely go out to eat, and if we do we usually pick up Subway or a grilled chicken and bring it home.  It's just more stressful than cooking at home.  I will admit it was nice to have a few hours of someone else feeding our kids and putting them to bed.  The next morning on Valentine's Day the boys woke up with a goal of trying to check off as many chores as they could off their chore chart.  So their enthusiasm for dusting and laundry was much appreciated.  Best Valentine's Day gift ever.  I loved how they sorted the laundry, by color, lots of little piles and then there was one pile with things with flowers on it that they couldn't decide what color to put it with.  Life with boys!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Adding to the team

While I was in Istanbul I was able to see my doctor for an ultrasound.  I was so nervous about that appointment.  Part of me was excited to find out if we would be adding another boy or a girl to or family, but mostly I was just nervous that the baby would be living, healthy, etc.

I was very relieved when I saw the heartbeat and then heard it loud and clear.  However she did a very detailed ultrasound checking blood flow to and from the uterus, looking closely at his heart, among several other things that are not typical at a 16 week sono.  During all of that I just felt sick, and was waiting for the bad news.  Thankfully this little guy is healthy, and we’ll monitor him closely the next few months, as I’m getting closer to when problems tend to arise for me.  I am just thankful that for now he’s healthy and I’m loving feeling all his little flips and movements, which help ease my nerves.

And it was quite obvious we were having a little boy.  I guess with as many ultrasounds as I have had I can see things pretty clearly.  I think I would have to close my eyes not to know what we’re having.  What a task to raise these little boys, and I’m so thankful the Lord has chosen me to be their mother.

I really wasn’t expecting a girl, I grieved that when I married into a family with lots of boys.  I’ve come to embrace all the fun little boys are and what a treat for our boys to grow up in a home with lots of brothers, and honestly it’s nice having everything we need for boys.  Maybe one of these boys will one day give us a granddaughter.  Until then we’ll enjoy these crazy boys, all 5 of them.