Friday, August 28, 2009

I can't wait

I'm so excited I can hardly wait. Tip Junkie is doing a swap where you send someone a few things and then they send you a few things and I've already signed up. I'm still debating about the three items I'm going to swap, but I think I'm more excited to get a package. I love surprises.

Other news we finally finished the TV show Jericho. A guy that Marvin works with let us borrow them. It has consumed our evenings and I'm very thankful to have them back again. We're not big TV watchers during the week. Most nights the TV only comes on for the news, so this show has made us a little obsessed. It was a little 24ish but not as intense, and a little more cheesy, but we liked it. Thank goodness it was only 2 seasons.

Also I officially have a business tax number/legal paper thingy. How fun is that, can you tell how clueless I am about all this. It took me a few weeks to piece all the info I was reading together I was glad to finally figure out what I officially needed. Now I need to start getting busy looking for more craft shows this fall and making more products. I have one already scheduled, but would like to do a few more.

Well I better get back to my sewing machine. I need to finish a couple more Cozy Clippy Blankets (they have clips that you can use to attach to your stroller and car seat, they can even be used for nursing cover). Once I ever figure out what is wrong with our computer I'll post some pictures.

Have a Great Weekend.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh the Places We Go

It's been an interesting week at our place. Marvin's dad went in for a heart Cath last Wednesday and found out he needed quadruple bypass surgery and a valve replaced. So the next day he went in for surgery. It's amazing what doctors are able to do, I'm so thankful for the skills of surgeons. All went well and his dad is recovering at home. Marvin made the drive for the surgery and then came back home to work on Friday. We all drove up to Lincoln on Saturday, stayed the night and then stopped in BR for a while before we headed home. It was a great time with family and was good to see Marvin's dad laughing and enjoying his family. I'm so thankful for the family I married into, I couldn't have asked for a better family. Calvin had a blast playing with his cousins and seeing grandpa and grandma. It's pretty fun to see how much he loves them and remembers them. Yesterday we were looking at a picture of his cousins taken last summer (before his new cousin was born) and he said "Baby, Go?" When translated he means, "where's my baby cousin?" Even though he hasn't really paid much attention to her, she's made an impression on him.

On Saturday we were able to go to Yoder, an Amish community near Wichita. They were having a festival and it is certainly a place we would like to go back to. I was drooling over the fabric in the fabric store, unfortunately most of them were out of my price range. Marvin and I are both intrigued by Amish life. I however could never do it, but there is something to be said about living a simple life. Seeing this little community made me ponder this question a lot more recently: How do we live in the world but not a part of the world?

I had to add this picture in here because it was Calvin's first pudding pop. He loved it and ate every last bit of it. He's been into using a napkin recently and as you can tell he's very good at smearing everything across his face as oppose to cleaning his face with it. He's a pro at using a cup now, but still begs for his sippy cup. It's hard to believe he's going to be 2 in a month and a half. He's not my baby any longer, I'm enjoying him as he grows even if it is faster than I want him to.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Updates on Life

I made it through the "I'm so sore I can barely move" phase of this 30 day shred. It's a great workout and I can already tell it is working. My dilemma now is that I don't know how much to keep running. I didn't run at all last week, but I really don't want to get out of shape. Any tips?

Other exciting news is that my dad has been approved for a transplant!!! His doctors expect him to receive a call any day now. They told him two weeks ago that most patients receive a call within a month once they are on high priority. It's very exciting and scary at the same time. So we'll be heading to KC when we get the magic call. I should probably prepare a few bags. However we're very seasoned when it comes to packing in a hurry.

I also signed up to do my first craft show October 3rd. I'm very excited, now I need to get busy sewing. I have some fun things in store. Speaking of sewing I am so excited to have my own craft space now!! Sure it's in the laundry room but I now have a desk so I don't have to keep taking my machine and everything off the dining room table. You have no idea how excited I am. The really cool thing is I picked this up for $2.00 at a garage sale this weekend.

I really hit the jackpot this at a city wide garage sale. It was unreal, there were people everywhere and garage sales everywhere, it was like garage sale heaven! I walked away with a few things I was looking for and a few steals too. Marvin wasn't too excited when he saw my loot when I returned. He's just thinking of everything we'll have to sell, but nothing I purchased will go unused these next few months.

Lastly my little bro just landed his first real job! Way to go Mr. Architectural Engineer! We can't wait to visit him in Houston.

That's it for the updates. I hope you have a great day.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I don't know what I'm in for?

But I think I'm going to be pretty sore this August. I'm pumped to tone up though! Bring it on Jillian!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Something to get excited about

I found the sweetest fabric yesterday. I've been planning on making Calvin a duvet cover for his big boy bead whenever we move overseas. I have loved the brown, teal, green color combo and finally found my inspiration piece, the pear print. This is the pattern I'm making. It looks easy enough. I've got a good start but I still need 5 more different fabrics. I think I am going to have fun browsing on etsy.
This weekend was really good for my heart. We headed to OK for our annual family reunion at the lake. I was able to get out and enjoy the water while Calvin took a nap. I had some fun on the jet ski with my cousin, just like old times, although we aren't nearly as daring now. It was nice to get away, not cook anything all weekend and spend it with family.
Calvin loved the water, although he's a bit intimidated by it at first. Thankfully there was nice little pool on the shore he had a blast stomping and splashing, throwing rocks. Today I asked him if he wanted to go outside and play in the water and he went to the door and grabbed his life jacket hanging on the coat rack. As we left we barely made it 10 feet before this is what we saw, out for the count. It made the 4 1/2 hour trip much more pleasant when he slept for almost half of it.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Want to Win an Apron?

I'm giving away an apron this week at my blog Effortless Savings. Visit here to enter my giveaway. It's pretty simple to enter, all you have to do is comment on my giveaway post.

I also posted a few aprons I've made in my Etsy Shop, mostly children's aprons. They are ready to be purchased and sent. These are by far one of my favorite things I have made. I have some other fun ideas for little boy aprons floating through my head, a few of them have made it to paper and a few are still in my head. I can't wait to get started on them. This week I must finish the projects I've already started though. I can't wait to show you the fabric flower hair accessories I've been busy making for the last several weeks! As always if you have an idea for something you would like made, I'd be glad to help you out.

Also I'm so excited to do some craft shows this fall. I just got an email today with info for one the beginning of October here in Wichita. It looks like my evenings will be busy sewing away!

I have seriously considered getting a part time job. We didn't plan being here these extra months and Marvin wasn't able to get very many hours last winter and since half of the people Marvin works with were laid off last week we are thinking it would be a good time to build up that savings account. We haven't quite decided how to go about this. If I find a job during the day then we'll need childcare and that plays a big factor in our decision. If I find a job working at night then I'll won't hardly see Marvin. AGHHHH, this isn't fun. Our best option is doing childcare, so if you know of anyone in Wichita looking for childcare! I'm your girl. I can watch no more than 2 kids, since we don't have transportation that can take more than 2. I seriously think I'm going to be exhausted come March.

Anyway keep praying for us. We've had some great family time recently and keep clinging to Jesus during this time of unknowns. I guess we are really being stretched in how much we trust Father for our provision right now.