Monday, November 04, 2013

Itty Bitty Goodness

This little man’s squeaks, snuggles, yawns, and squirms have been so sweet and are bringing healing our hearts in a way we didn’t know was possible.

This time around all those things are quite a bit more precious.  We’ve found ourselves holding our little Judah bug any chance we can.  Both Marvin and are soaking up this tender season of Judah being so tiny.

Here are a few of tiny Judah in the hospital.

It’s crazy how quickly these little ones grow.  He’s chunked up a bit and was 10# 11 oz. and 23 inches long at his one month appointment.  He’s grown 4 inches since birth!!!  Amazing.  He’s growing too fast, but we sure do love him to pieces.

So far he’s been our easiest baby.  He’s sleeping like a champ and is one of those babies I secretly hated when Calvin and Micah were small.  He loves being wrapped up snug as a bug, i.e. swaddled, and loves being bounced if he's fussy.  He doesn’t care to be held over your shoulder but rather loves to look around at the world before him.  His eyes are still a gorgeous blue, and we started to see more of them around one month and his awake periods have grown each week.

What a gift these days have been.