Friday, September 22, 2006

My first day of School!

Growing up we had a tradition where we would take a picture on the first day of school. This tradition ended when we thought we were too cool. I thought I would revive the tradition, so here's to you mom and dad. My attire has changed a bit. Oh I wish I could go to school in tennis shoes, my feet would be much happier. Oh well...... c'est la vie!

Feeling Better

Many of you have e-mailed asking about my allegeries, so I thought I would update everyone. They are so much better. I have started taking Allegra-D and Flonaz they appear to be working, PLT! I thought I was doing much better, so I decided I didn't need to take it anymore and then I went outside and began sneezing like crazy. I guess allergy season is not entirely over. A big thank you to the people who helped me out getting this medicine. You have no idea how grateful I am.

Friday, September 08, 2006

When do Classes Start?

All of those who work or attend a university will appreciate this story.

After we met with the director of the school we teach at she informed us of the date we would begin to teach, Sept. 11th. So we have been patiently waiting to hear the answer to the big question, WHEN? After calling everyday this week, the person in charge of scheduling informed us that classes would not begin until the 18th because the schedule was not ready, so I guess we have another teaching free week.

I want to buy a Hamburger!

Okay if you haven’t seen the new Pink Panther movie, you have to see it in order to get a glimpse into what we look like learning a language. (If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, just find the scene where the Inspector works with an accent coach.) We laughed so hard, primarily because we knew that is exactly like we sound trying to learn this language. We showed it to our language teacher, and now everyday he comes to our lessons and says, “I want to buy a hamburger.” Uhmmm there must be some truth in that clip.

Keeping things out

We now have screens on all the downstairs windows! No more pigeons or cats in the house. I looks like we were just in time the cats caught another pigeon the other day; it’s a good thing we had the screens on.