Monday, March 27, 2006

Neighborhood Wannabe Cowboy

Marvin returned from the market and informed me the cows were out again. So we obviously ran to the window to watch, and we were surprised to also see our neighborhood wannabe cowboy hard at work, (a.k.a. the neighborhood crazy man). Don't worry he helped all the cows make it safely across the street.

I think it Works!

Let us tell you a little bit about the Market here in CA. You see, they like to show you the product works before you purchase it. Therefore when Marvin went to buy hair trimmers, well this is the result.

Yes the lady grabbed his arm and shaved his wrist.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

How do we look

While we were on our trip we had an opportunity to take a picture wearing traditional clothing. We all had a great laugh at Marvin's hat. He did say it was warm.

Our First Trip to the Mountains

We took a little trip to the mountains this weekend. It was great seeing more of the place we live. Throughout our drive we encountered several shepards, and men moving their cattle on the road. It definately took us back in time, and it is interesting how different life must be like living in the mountains.

Forced to be the "Chips & Salsa Guy"

Here is a picture of a part of the local market.

The second week we were here I, Erica decided to go shopping at the market by myself. We had worked on our numbers and I was able to catch on to the prices with a little concentration. So I headed out to buy spice jars. Once I found them I asked the lady how much they cost and she told me the price, now this takes concentration when you are first learning especially when they name three numbers. I was still trying to understand what she said and apparently I was just standing there staring at her because a minute passed and she lowered the price approximately $1.00, the funny thing is I was going to buy them for the orginal price, I just needed to know how much to give her. I guess this is one way to bargin huh.

So this experience reminded me of an analogy our ESL teacher shared with us about language learning. Language learning is like a good Mexican restraurant. You have the chip guy who drops the chips and salsa at the table and runs, this guy knows very little language. Then you have the drink guy who knows how to take drink orders, he has a little more language. Finally you have the server who is able to communicate with you. Now we were warned when we arrived we would be dishwashers, however we have been forced to become the chip guy. Hopefully soon we will move up to the drink guy. We can't wait.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Cows in the Complex

On our short walk to from our apartment to the grocery store last weekend we encountered a few stray cows. They took a detour to enjoying a late afternoon snack on their way home.