Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Day for Women

International Women’s Day was this week, and it’s a pretty big holiday here.

I wanted to make some little gifts for our neighbors.  But it’s always tricky with the whole reciprocation thing.  I didn’t want it to be too much but just something that made them feel loved.  So I broke out my sewing machine the weekend before and busted out 16 of these bags, they were perfect.  
Inside the bags I added little notebooks I whipped up using scrapbook & computer paper, added a pen to each one, and then gave them an assortment of muffins.  Nothing overly huge but just wanted them to know I was thinking of them.

I knew I needed a lot of muffins when I planned to do this but didn’t quite figure in how long that would take me in the kitchen.  4 hours later I had over 100 lemon poppy seed, chocolate zucchini, banana and apple cinnamon muffins.  I took advantage of Micah’s nap, but was still baking after he woke up, so I opened the balcony and he was thrilled to get to play in a usually off limit zone.

*A big thank you to some fabulous ladies who sent me the fabric, you know who you are.  I’ve been saving some of this for the perfect project and I finally found it. It’s always so nice to have a stash to work with.  I really don’t like shopping for fabric here because I usually can’t find what I’m looking for, or if I do find something I like it’s over $15 a meter.  Thank you for helping me bless our neighbors.*

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Do you ever find yourself using words your kids have made up, as they are in fact actual words?

Case in point, a slink.  What is a slink?

According to Calvin “it is something you swing on, kind a like spider web.”  Apparently Spider Man uses a slink.

The other day the words, “Calvin please come pick up your slink.” Were uttered from my mouth.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Countertop Adventures

I’m growing tired of the easy accessible countertops, thanks to Micah’s discovery that he could simply move a kitchen chair.  It’s opened a whole new realm to explore.

This morning I found him standing on a chair at the counter playing with my box of sewing needles, and he also had turned on our chainik (electric kettle).  When he saw me he quickly grabbed my cell phone, got down and ran.  Nice.

Other favorites of his recently have been dumping out the entire pitcher of water.  Trying to play with the tea cup saucers, playing with the salt and pepper shakers and eating any food he may find on the counter.  Oh and then there is that ever tempting knife block, which has now found a new home on top of the fridge.

Sometimes his curiosity is overwhelming.  But every time I catch him in the act he looks pretty proud of his newfound skills.

I miss those old days when we only had to worry about him climbing on tables.

Friday, March 09, 2012


Calvin’s been home a lot more than normal the last two weeks due to illness, no water at school, and holidays.  Our streets and sidewalks are a bit on the muddy/icy/disgusting side so we’re going a little stir crazy indoors.

Marvin picked up a tunnel at IKEA a couple weeks ago, so we’ve been alternating between that and our little indoor pop up fire truck (thanks E, the boys still love it!).

There have been days I’ve been so close to walking over to the mall and buying a trampoline, but then I must figure out how to get it home.  Plus then I’d have to figure out a place to store it.  But my little monkeys need a place to bounce. 

The other morning I needed to fold laundry and to hang up the wet laundry.  The boys had gone in their room and closed the door and were playing peacefully, which rarely happens.  It was beautiful.  I decided to seize my opportunity to get the laundry folded and hung up in peace.  I was able to fold all the laundry without my piles being disrupted, my tubs of clean laundry were not dumped out and I hung laundry without any of it being taken off the rack.  It was beautiful.  Then I opened their door.  This is what I found.  

Apparently a bomb exploded.

Sometimes things like this are totally worth it for my sanity.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Spring Menu

If you’re curious here is my spring menu.  The items in red are things I’ve never made before.  I hope this list helps your meal planning endeavors.

Baked Spaghetti
CP Minestrone Soup
Pizza x2 (Freeze Extras)
Chili *from Freezer
Beef-N-Noodles from Freezer
Chicken Tacos (Cook meat in CP)
Rice Bowls
CP Red Beans and Rice
Chicken Salad
Caitlin’s Chicken Curry

Vegetarian Chili in CP
Stir Fry w/ sauce packet
Easter Ham, mashed potatoes, green beans
Catherine’s Chickpea Tangine
BBQ Chicken Sandwiches cooked in CP
Bean Burritos x2 (use two bags of beans instead of one, cook in CP)
Something from the Freezer
Olive Garden Pasta E. Fagoli Soup (CP cook noodles separately)

CP Stroganoff
Mega Salad Night
Beef Carnitas (in CP)
Meals from the Freezer Week
Baked Potatoes
Spaghetti in CP x2 (Freeze Extra)
Stir Fry w/ Sauce packet
BBQ meatballs in CP x2 (freeze extra uncooked meatballs, and sauce separately)
Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos x2 (freeze extras)
Seven Layer dip with chips
Strawberry Salad 4 Sunday large group gathering
CP Salsa Chicken
Chicken Salad
Cuban Chicken Salad