Friday, March 09, 2012


Calvin’s been home a lot more than normal the last two weeks due to illness, no water at school, and holidays.  Our streets and sidewalks are a bit on the muddy/icy/disgusting side so we’re going a little stir crazy indoors.

Marvin picked up a tunnel at IKEA a couple weeks ago, so we’ve been alternating between that and our little indoor pop up fire truck (thanks E, the boys still love it!).

There have been days I’ve been so close to walking over to the mall and buying a trampoline, but then I must figure out how to get it home.  Plus then I’d have to figure out a place to store it.  But my little monkeys need a place to bounce. 

The other morning I needed to fold laundry and to hang up the wet laundry.  The boys had gone in their room and closed the door and were playing peacefully, which rarely happens.  It was beautiful.  I decided to seize my opportunity to get the laundry folded and hung up in peace.  I was able to fold all the laundry without my piles being disrupted, my tubs of clean laundry were not dumped out and I hung laundry without any of it being taken off the rack.  It was beautiful.  Then I opened their door.  This is what I found.  

Apparently a bomb exploded.

Sometimes things like this are totally worth it for my sanity.

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Michelle said...

I want a trampoline, too! Shannon says no, sad! Lane jumps down every single step on stairs and off of every single curb or anything more than 4 inches off the ground. At least she's burning some energy, I guess!

I know what you mean...sometimes it's worth a disaster to get something done!