Monday, March 12, 2012

Countertop Adventures

I’m growing tired of the easy accessible countertops, thanks to Micah’s discovery that he could simply move a kitchen chair.  It’s opened a whole new realm to explore.

This morning I found him standing on a chair at the counter playing with my box of sewing needles, and he also had turned on our chainik (electric kettle).  When he saw me he quickly grabbed my cell phone, got down and ran.  Nice.

Other favorites of his recently have been dumping out the entire pitcher of water.  Trying to play with the tea cup saucers, playing with the salt and pepper shakers and eating any food he may find on the counter.  Oh and then there is that ever tempting knife block, which has now found a new home on top of the fridge.

Sometimes his curiosity is overwhelming.  But every time I catch him in the act he looks pretty proud of his newfound skills.

I miss those old days when we only had to worry about him climbing on tables.

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Terri said...

I have at time seriously considered turning all the kitchen chairs on their sides. Is that a possibility? Fortunately for me, it's *really* loud when Malachi scoots a chair across the floor, so it alerts me when he's trying to get into things (not that he can't reach the counters from the floor now.) I feel your pain.