Thursday, April 24, 2008

A few more pictures

New Toys

We wanted to thank our dear teammates who gave us such a great gift when we came back to the States. Here are a couple of things we bought! Thank you so much, it has been nice to be able to get a few things on our wish list! You guys Rock and we miss you SO MUCH!

Botanical Gardens

Spring is offically here. The weather has been goreous lately and we even experienced our first Kansas thunderstorm yesterday (we really missed those)! Sunday we headed to the Wichita Botanical Gardens to check out the Tulips in bloom. It was a goregous day and the flowers were beautiful. Marvin of course was in his element and enjoyed seeing several new varieties. Calvin enjoyed the stroller ride, but really didn't seem to notice the flowers. It was fun to get out and do something as a family.

Calvin's 1st bedroom....finally

It's pretty crazy but Calvin is 6 months old now and this is his first room. No more bunking with Mom and Dad wherever we are staying for the week! It has been awesome and Calvin has slept much better without us in the room. We can actually talk above a whisper in our bedroom.

Calvin loves his pacifier, but he usually only gets it if he is tired or about to go down for a nap. When I took this picture he saw it in his crib and reached right over and grabbed it like a pro. He definitely knows what it is for. The other morning I wasn't quite awake and I was laying down beside him and he kept trying to put it in my mouth. I thought it was sweet that he was trying to share!
My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had a crib that we borrowed along with a changing table. It has been a complete blessing not having to hunt one down. I have hit a few garage sales and found some great deals. I even found this crib toy, just like someone gave to us for our shower. Unfortunately the original turtle crib toy is still in Nineveh, but I was so excited to see someone had one for sale. It's the little things that really touch my heart. It is crazy to see how Father has provided for us. I think all that I have left to find for his room is a changing pad for the top of the changing table. I am torn whether to buy something that we have to leave behind, or order one through IKEA that would be easier to pack.

Calvin is sitting up pretty well right now, yesterday he sat up for about 5 minutes with no topples. He still isn't to the point where he doesn't topple over so until then I'll stay close by.

It's funny because I still have my first CD player. I got it when I was in 7th grade along with a Mariah Carey CD and Boys 2 Men CD. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world and I just have to laugh at it now. The thing is Massive, but it still works so Calvin inherited it, it takes up almost the entire shelf of his changing table. But it plays nap time music. Speaking of music I decided I really enjoy the Baby Einstein toys, not because they make your child smarter, because they don't, but because the music that they include isn't annoying. Hooray for classical music!

I found these little wooden animals at Hobby Lobby and thought they were cute and went with the Zoo theme of his room so I bought them not knowing what I would do with them. The other day I had the idea to make a mobile with them, all I needed was a hoop, ribbon and a glue gun. There was already a hook above his changing table and I though it would give my little squirmer something to look at. Calvin loves it and has helped make diaper changing a little easier. YEAH!

Friday, April 18, 2008


6 Months old Already

Calvin is has been a part of this world 6 months and has added so much to our lives. He seems to love to wake up chatting up a storm ready to go in the morning. I am thankful that he is okay in his crib for a few minutes before I can get my eyes to stay open to get him. He is starting to sleep better, but after a few nights of only waking up at 11:00 that streak ended last night. I am praying that this night feedings come to an end soon, as I haven't slept through the night since probably May of last year. Pregnancy has a way of helping you get used to this. I am ready to get some more sleep.

Calvin went to the doctor and seems to be in the 25th percentile in everything. He is 16 lb. 5 oz. right now and getting bigger everyday. He is slowly getting more hair, but it is very light so most people can't tell he has any.

He loves to laugh and started laughing if you laugh and smile at him. I absolutely love it. We has been rolling over everywhere now. But he tends to roll away from the toy he is trying to get to. This has been a little frustrating for him, but he will get the hang of it.
He never stops moving. He loved the table at the doctor's office because they had paper on the table and every time he moved it made a sound. His doctor even commented about how much he moved.

Calvin started to eat Rice cereal like Saturday and gobbled it all up. He loves food and loves spoons. He will try to grab the spoon almost every time we give him a spoonful of cereal, so it makes meal time interesting. We are going to try some sweet potatoes and avocados this week. I can't wait to see what his reaction will be.
Tastey Toes

I was able to snap a picture of the first time he rolled over from his back to his stomach!

Calvin was having trouble sleeping when we first moved him and so this was our naptime solution one day. Aparently washing dishes puts a baby right to sleep.

Things that have rocked my world and things that haven't

We moved into our house 2 weeks ago and have almost unpacked all of our boxes!!! It feels so nice to have a home. After a couple of days of moving in our suitcases were empty and it has been nice not having to reach to the floor every time we needed something. We have been so loved by the fellowships next door. They brought us dinner when we moved in and several times that first week. It was such blessing to not have to cook that first week we moved. We forgot about a few things we had and were excited to flip through some old photo albums. We found our wedding album and we were so young when we got married. It's hard to believe that about 6 years ago I was in the midst of wedding planning. Time sure flies

Marvin was out of town this week and it was so good to see him yesterday. About 5:00 everyday Calvin and I wait for Marvin to get home. We had to find something else to do this week. Thankfully he has a 3 day weekend, so we get to enjoy him while he is home an extra day.

Since we have been back there have been a few things that have rocked my world. Most of them you probably never really think about, but they have encouraged my heart and provided some joy so here they go:

Cooking spray! I went to the grocery store for the first time after we moved to stock our kitchen and was thrilled to see cooking spray. It completely forgot about this marvelous invention. I have to tell you, I love not having to go through the mess of greasing a pan.

Aluminum Foil! It is so strong here and I even bought the keep stuff.

The Radio! It has added some diversity to my ears. I never knew how much I listened to the same play lists on our ipod until I started listening to the radio. A touch of a button will yield a new genre of songs. I love it.

Passport Free Travel! We can go somewhere and I don't have to be aware of where I put my passport.

CRUSHED ICE! Need I say more, we have now entered the world of ice in drinks. Honestly drinks are a little too cold for me sometimes but I love crushed ice, yum.

Calling friends and family on the same time zone! We no longer have to wake up before the sun rises or stay up late to call our family. Instead we have to wait until we have free minutes, ha!

Kansas! Many people underestimate our little state. It really is stunningly beautiful in the spring. If you have ever seen a sunset on the Flint Hills you can't disagree with me.

A Car! It makes shopping for groceries so much more convenient, however in a way I do miss public transportation. I went to Dillions yesterday and they even carried my groceries out to my car, I had forgotten about that service.

Garage Sales! Yesterday was my first day of going to garage sales and found some great toys for Calvin at great prices. I can't wait see what we can find at garage sales.

Washers & Dryers! I can wash and dry a load of laundry in the time it took me to wash one load. European washers do a much better job though, but I am thankful to get more done in less time.

Things I am not too excited about:
Produce. I miss the market, but we just heard about a farmer's market here in Wichita that is open every Saturday. I don't get why we wrap everything in plastic. I bought zucchini the other day and it they were individually wrapped in plastic wrap. Also all the organic stuff out there is kind of funny. I have a feeling people might be going over the top on this.

Car Seats. I am thankful that Calvin is safe in the car, but they are a PAIN, especially if you have to switch vehicles a lot. Plus we have a small car and in order to fit Calvin's car seat into our car we have to have the front seat pushed all the way up and the seat straight up. It is rather uncomfortable riding in the front seat, and honestly I prefer the back seat on long trips. Plus when Calvin is awake I can attempt to entertain him while he is restrained, something he isn't thrilled about. It will be nice when we can move his car seat to being forward facing but we have another 6 months to go before we can even think about it.

Electric stoves. I am thankful we have a stove, but miss a gas stove. It takes forever just to boil water, so I slowly getting used to a new way to cook.

Flip Flops! I love that I can already wear flip flops and nobody asks me if my feet are cold. Last year it was seriously 80 degrees and so I broke out my sandals and I had a million people comment on my feet, they were so worried that I would catch something. Especially those who knew I was pregnant.

Lastly here a few things I have had to adjust to:
Seeing people go out wearing "house clothes" (athletic pants and t-shirts). People only wear these things if they are around their house or in an athletic setting. The first time I saw someone I thought, oh my goodness they are wearing their pajamas out of the house and I was a little embarrassed for them. (Although I did see someone wearing pajamas.)

Writing Checks. We haven't had to do it for a couple of years because we lived in a cash society. I was nice not having to carry a huge wad of cash when we bought our car.

Wearing shoes inside people's homes. We went to a small group to have dinner and I was so uncomfortable the whole time because I had my shoes on, but everyone else did so I though we would really stick out if we went without them.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pictures from A Crazy Month of Traveling

Calvin was bright eyed and alert this morning. His eyes appear to remain blue, but also have a bit of green and brown in them, he gets that from his daddy. He is so close to rolling over and is sitting up for about 20-30 seconds without toppling over. Our little man is certainly growing up, it has been so fun to watch him figure a few things out lately.

Marvin started working last week and since we couldn't move into our house until Saturday we stayed with some friends. They have a 12 month old and they thoughtfully put their swing in our room and it was nice to be able to put Calvin in it while I got dressed or while I packed up again. He was fussing one night and the swing worked wonders as he fell right asleep a few seconds after I got him going.

Calvin also got to try out a Johnny Jump Up while we stayed at our friends house. He loved it, but once he got tired he let me know he was done. I ordered a little play thing and hopefully he will enjoy it as he can jump in it too. I am hoping it will keep him occupied while I get things unpacked this next week.

We snapped a couple of pictures of the S boys before we left Minnesota

Calvin did well during our visit and napped well in the car during our tour of the Twin Cities. Calvin loves his Uncle John.

It snowed Easter weekend and everything was so beautiful with the new fallen snow.

Calvin with his awesome cousin who we have done alot of praying for lately, he was in a farming accident a week ago. The Lord protected him from too much harm, but has some recovery to do. We can't wait to see this young man smiling once again.

It has been so much fun for both of our parents to get to know our little guy. Calvin just lights up when his grandma starts talking to him. I love it.

All the Cousins posing for a picture.

Our niece just loves baby Calvin. He has gotten used to her holding him, but occasionally he isn't thrilled.
We move into our house on SATURDAY and all three of us are just pumped to get settled somewhere and to put our suitcases in a closet for a while. All of this traveling has been hard on all three of us, we are ready to get into a good routine in the next couple of weeks. There are so many more friends we would love to see and hope to catch you very soon.