Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pictures from A Crazy Month of Traveling

Calvin was bright eyed and alert this morning. His eyes appear to remain blue, but also have a bit of green and brown in them, he gets that from his daddy. He is so close to rolling over and is sitting up for about 20-30 seconds without toppling over. Our little man is certainly growing up, it has been so fun to watch him figure a few things out lately.

Marvin started working last week and since we couldn't move into our house until Saturday we stayed with some friends. They have a 12 month old and they thoughtfully put their swing in our room and it was nice to be able to put Calvin in it while I got dressed or while I packed up again. He was fussing one night and the swing worked wonders as he fell right asleep a few seconds after I got him going.

Calvin also got to try out a Johnny Jump Up while we stayed at our friends house. He loved it, but once he got tired he let me know he was done. I ordered a little play thing and hopefully he will enjoy it as he can jump in it too. I am hoping it will keep him occupied while I get things unpacked this next week.

We snapped a couple of pictures of the S boys before we left Minnesota

Calvin did well during our visit and napped well in the car during our tour of the Twin Cities. Calvin loves his Uncle John.

It snowed Easter weekend and everything was so beautiful with the new fallen snow.

Calvin with his awesome cousin who we have done alot of praying for lately, he was in a farming accident a week ago. The Lord protected him from too much harm, but has some recovery to do. We can't wait to see this young man smiling once again.

It has been so much fun for both of our parents to get to know our little guy. Calvin just lights up when his grandma starts talking to him. I love it.

All the Cousins posing for a picture.

Our niece just loves baby Calvin. He has gotten used to her holding him, but occasionally he isn't thrilled.
We move into our house on SATURDAY and all three of us are just pumped to get settled somewhere and to put our suitcases in a closet for a while. All of this traveling has been hard on all three of us, we are ready to get into a good routine in the next couple of weeks. There are so many more friends we would love to see and hope to catch you very soon.

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Sarah said...

Okay, Calvin is so gosh darn adorable. I'm excited for your new home! Lifting you guys up!