Thursday, March 06, 2008

We're Back

We made it back to America about 2 weeks ago and have enjoyed hitting the family circuit. We were able to spend some good time with Marvin's family last week and are currently spending time with my side of the family. Marvin even got to take in one of his nephew's ball games and we enjoyed getting to know our neices.

Certain things were a bit shocking to us, as we have gotten used to life overseas. Here are a few things we have experienced in our readjustment:
  • Our first experience going to the grocery store we could actually tell what the cashier said without having to completly concentrate or look at the numbers on the cash register. Beautiful!
  • Car Seats. We are getting a little faster at this little task but it takes so much time to get in and out of a vehicle here with Calvin. Sometimes it is almost easier to walk!
  • Driving. For me this is weird because I haven't driven since October of 2005! I am a little rusty but I think it is coming back.
  • All the packaged foods. It's crazy going to the grocery store and seeing everything pre-packaged even the veggies.
  • Talking about anything on the telephone
  • Accomplishing lots of things in one day. Yesterday we bought a car (see the picture below) and I was able to to test drive it, we filled out all the paperwork, and got insurance within 2 hours! Amazing!
  • How cheap baby things are here. We can now actually afford to buy something in the baby section besides diapers.

Honestly it hasn't been as weird as we thought. We had Istanbul as our little mini America to help prepare us for life here once again. For that we are grateful, but we will miss certain things about Istanbul and Nineveh.

Several things are starting to come together. We have found housing in Wichita and yesterday we bought a car. Now the only thing that is left is a job for Marvin. He is going back to Wichita tomorrow to pursue a few more leads. We know he will provide the right job, we just can't wait to see what that might be.

Here are a few pictures. Unfortunately I left the card that had all the pictures of Marvin's family at his parents house so I'll post a few more later.

Calvin got to meet his namesake!
Big Calvin meet Little Calvin!
Just Chillin' before bed with Uncle Kenneth
Calvin is thanking Uncle Aaron for driving us to E town.

Meeting Great Grandma T:
My grandma insists that we are having another baby right away because Calvin is starting to teethe a little early. This is news to us!

Munching on Grandpa's fingers, yum

Napping with Grandma

A Happy Boy- Pre Cold.
Calvin has been fighting a cold this week. Thankfully his nose is starting to dry up and it has been a couple fever free days. Now we just have to get rid of that nasty little cough.

Our new set of wheels!
'99 Toyota Corolla


Laurel Bates said...

Hey Guys! Glad you are adjusting well, I'll be pryaing for the right job for Uncle Marvin. Can't wait to see you!

Greg & Kim said...

Hi Erica. We haven't seen each other in forever, but I kind of kept up with you two through Heidi a few years ago. Welcome back to the State! So you were in Istanbul, eh? Is that where you had Calvin? What area did you live in? I'm sure you connected with some of my friends... It's good to run into your blog (through Michelle), and I look forward to following your journey a tad. Blessings! Kim (Gimple) King