Thursday, April 24, 2008

Calvin's 1st bedroom....finally

It's pretty crazy but Calvin is 6 months old now and this is his first room. No more bunking with Mom and Dad wherever we are staying for the week! It has been awesome and Calvin has slept much better without us in the room. We can actually talk above a whisper in our bedroom.

Calvin loves his pacifier, but he usually only gets it if he is tired or about to go down for a nap. When I took this picture he saw it in his crib and reached right over and grabbed it like a pro. He definitely knows what it is for. The other morning I wasn't quite awake and I was laying down beside him and he kept trying to put it in my mouth. I thought it was sweet that he was trying to share!
My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had a crib that we borrowed along with a changing table. It has been a complete blessing not having to hunt one down. I have hit a few garage sales and found some great deals. I even found this crib toy, just like someone gave to us for our shower. Unfortunately the original turtle crib toy is still in Nineveh, but I was so excited to see someone had one for sale. It's the little things that really touch my heart. It is crazy to see how Father has provided for us. I think all that I have left to find for his room is a changing pad for the top of the changing table. I am torn whether to buy something that we have to leave behind, or order one through IKEA that would be easier to pack.

Calvin is sitting up pretty well right now, yesterday he sat up for about 5 minutes with no topples. He still isn't to the point where he doesn't topple over so until then I'll stay close by.

It's funny because I still have my first CD player. I got it when I was in 7th grade along with a Mariah Carey CD and Boys 2 Men CD. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world and I just have to laugh at it now. The thing is Massive, but it still works so Calvin inherited it, it takes up almost the entire shelf of his changing table. But it plays nap time music. Speaking of music I decided I really enjoy the Baby Einstein toys, not because they make your child smarter, because they don't, but because the music that they include isn't annoying. Hooray for classical music!

I found these little wooden animals at Hobby Lobby and thought they were cute and went with the Zoo theme of his room so I bought them not knowing what I would do with them. The other day I had the idea to make a mobile with them, all I needed was a hoop, ribbon and a glue gun. There was already a hook above his changing table and I though it would give my little squirmer something to look at. Calvin loves it and has helped make diaper changing a little easier. YEAH!

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