Friday, April 11, 2014

Out the mouths of Babes

I posted this on fb and Instagram, but in case you missed it…..I came into the living room and discovered that this little monkey wrote all over his face.  He just looked at me and told me, “Mommy my face is trapped.”  I couldn’t contain my laughter looking at him.


The other day the boys were playing “building”, it’s their new game where they build things with blankets and pillows.  This day they were building a house, but Calvin had to go to the bathroom so he told Micah, “Our house doesn’t have a bathroom inside so I have to use the toilet outside.”

I think we’ve been in Central Asia too long because this is normal to him.


Sunday while we were on the metro  Calvin was talking about freckles and asking if he had any yet (we read Freckle Juice last year and he’s been waiting for freckles ever since).  I told him that he had one, then Micah raised up his shirt and pointed to the two freckles he has on his chest.  Which I kindly told him were no freckles and to put his shirt back down.

Calvin saw one of my gray hairs the other day :( and said, "Mama what's that?"  To which I replied, "Just a gray hair."  Then he said, " Oh mama it's just like in Frozen, it's sooooooo beautiful."

Thank you little man, thank you.

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