Tuesday, April 08, 2014

5 suitcases

I was starting to get a little “homesick” a few weeks ago.  By homesick I mean I just wanted a place to call home and the started to feel sorry for our poor boys not even having a home and then Micah told me out of the blue, “Mommy we have 3 houses.” 

It’s all about the way you look at things. 

To him we lived in 3 apartments this year, 4 now.  He doesn’t know that they weren’t home and to me I’m thankful that they have been home to him as he’s our child who has the hardest time with the moves.
But I’ll be honest, this transient living is tough.  Since we left Nineveh the end of January we’ve been living out of 5 suitcases, and that includes school books, a few toys, cloth diapers, etc.  It’s simple and I am thankful for that, because I don’t have to stand long at the closest deciding what to wear each day, I only have a few choices, I have 3 pairs of shoes one of which are winter boots and it’s too warm for those anymore so it’s either flats or tennis shoes.

I am thankful I threw a few random things in our suitcases when we left in January, like our bumbo chair, it’s now Judah’s chair where we can feed him.  I brought my immersion blender, I can make baby food.  I threw in some washcloths, I’ve been so thankful for those things in this apartment.  They’ve been useful for actual washcloths and for pot holders. 

 When this last move became a reality I was able to stop by IKEA and pick up some measuring spoons and a measuring cup, so I can somewhat accurately cook.

But mostly I’m ready to call someplace home.  This waiting on documents seems never ending and I’m ready to get back to place where I have friends, a place where meeting new people isn’t hard, a place where I can communicate.  I’m ready to rent a place and make it into a home.  I’m ready to decorate, to invite people over for dinner or playdates.  Who knows if that will happen but I’m ready to know a little more of our future.

Being in this living state has given us a greater understanding of refugees.  Many of them were wealthy, had good jobs, owned homes.  I’ve met several professors, doctors, teachers, young professionals, but they fled to escape the war surrounding them.  I am so thankful that that has not been our case, but it’s given us a better understanding for their state of mind.  Living in limbo is tough, I can’t imagine what it’s like for those who have no other options but to flee and who are unable to work due to their refugee status. 

So for that I am grateful, it’s helped me know how to pray for the millions of displaced people around the world.

And I’m learning to be content with my 5 suitcases.

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