Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Mediterranean Sea

We were so thankful to be able to go to a conference where many of our friends were at before returning to Nineveh.

However I didn’t expect the emotions I would be faced with when we got there.  It was held at the same hotel as a conference 2 years ago.  It was in this place where we finally announced we were expecting Seth.

The last time I stepped foot on that beach Seth was in my womb.  It was both comforting and difficult at the same time.

We had not seen many of our the friends at this conference since losing Seth, and many of them also had experienced much sorrow and loss during the past two years.  Those hugs were pretty sweet.  The Lord really used that time to encourage us and to bring some healing to our hearts.

What I love is that we have been able to take all of our boys, even Seth to the Mediterranean sea.  What a gift it is to have that connection with all my boys.  It’s one I am extremely thankful for.


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RobyGiup said...

Hi Erica, I arrived to your blog through the comment you left on mine, and couldn't stop reading your story. I just want to send you a great hug, with all my heart. I'll pray for you and your whole family. Roberta