Saturday, April 12, 2014


We were thankful to have stayed in a few guest flats in Istanbul that cater to families, which means there were items we might need for kids like toys, cribs, high chairs, etc.


When we moved to this apartment I was thankful to find a clean place, with the basics: a decent kitchen (meaning it had an oven), a washing machine, and a crib for Judah.


What we were lacking were toys.  When we left Nineveh we told the boys they could only bring two things.  They each choose a power ranger costume then Calvin brought his Bakugan’s and Cards and Micah choose his rescue bots.  And last minute we let them bring their dinosaur cars that they love so much, but that is all the toys we have with us.  It all fits in one of their carry on bags.  Since we don’t know the future we haven’t wanted to accumulate anything in case we have a 10 more bags that we have to get somewhere else.

So I was a little nervous moving to place without any toys and wondered how they’d do, but oh my goodness their imagination has been taking over their play.  They’ve created restaurants, stores, ninjas, lots of super hero play.  It’s been wonderful.

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Sherry said...

You have been heavy on my heart this week. Thinking of you all the time. Love you friend.