Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ten Things

Well we’ve finally semi recovered from a cold bug that hit our house.  I had forgotten how miserable colds make babies.  Of course since it was respiratory stuff I was a bit nervous, which lead to less sleep on my part making sure Judah was okay.  There are still 4 lingering coughs but I’m thankful the miserable part is over.

Marvin and I are training for a 10K this summer.  I’m excited, I only have 4 more weeks left in my C210K program I’m using.  I felt like the 5K marker was a huge milestone postpartum, I can’t imagine how good it’s going to feel to run a 10K.  I’m thankful that there is plenty of time between now and then so I can improve on my speed, now I’m just focused on jogging without stopping.  I’m one slow jogger, but I’m okay with that.

Calvin has his first wiggly tooth.  There is something about him hitting this milestone that makes me a little sad that he’s growing up.  But I’m so excited for him at the same time.  Crazy how that happens.  So for the time being I’m enjoying a full set of teeth.

At dinner the other night we were talking about Easter and Calvin mentioned something about the Easter Bunny.  His only reference to the Easter bunny is the movie the Guardians.  I then said, “Do you know that some people think that the Easter Bunny is real?”  He looked at me and said, “What???!!!  Why would they think that?” 


We should have our passports back tomorrow/today/Thursday depending on when you read this, hopefully with visas in them.  You have no idea how ready I am to have an answer.


We attempted doing some touring with the boys but, it did not go well.  Let’s just say we had to find a bathroom and the closest one was in a bar, and we ended up taking an emergency taxi ride home with a certain little person sitting on the changing pad.  Those things never come in the most convenient moments. 


This little heartbleed bug is a pain if you live overseas....... especially if all your cards are getting canceled and replaced to be safe.  Now combine that with the fact we have no idea where we are going to be living and where to send them means it might be interesting getting cash.

Calvin must be hitting a growth spurt because his stomach is a bottomless pit lately.  I’m afraid of what the teen years will hold.

I saw this article about hipsters today and had to laugh…….especially as one looking into American hipster culture from a distance.  My Pinterest boards have been flooded with all things kale, to kimchi, to brewing your own kombuca and I’m still trying to figure out why people are obsessed with the stuff. My favorite is #18.


We tried this little remedy for hiccups and it’s crazy but it works.  I am so glad to find something easy because Calvin gets so frustrated when he gets hiccups.  Who knew it was as easy as pulling on someone’s ears while they are drinking water.

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Michelle Scarbrough said...

1. We are definitely going to try out that hiccup remedy the next time someone around here has the hiccups!

2. Love the fact that Calvin was so in shock b/c people think the Easter Bunny is real. I can totally see Lane screwing up her nose at the idea in a couple of years, too!

3. Awesome about the 10K. I'm so excited to have this baby and be able to exercise again…and hopefully get back into running, too! I'm super slow as well…I run 10 minute miles no matter how many miles I run.

4. Can't wait to hear about your visas…been thinking about you guys a lot lately!

5. Miss you! I hope we're all in the same place later this summer!