Saturday, July 10, 2010

Celebrating Expat style

Our 4th of July celebration turned out beautiful, not too hot, and the clouds cleared out by our afternoon meeting time. We were able to gather just outside of town at a favorite spot of ours. Calvin and all the kids played so hard. Calvin LOVED playing soccer on a field with short grass (oh grass how we miss you). There were a few local boys at the field towards the beginning of our time and a few of our guys joined them in a friendly match.
The rest of the time we had the hill and field to ourselves, except when the cowboy was bringing his herd of cows through. It's fun things like this that make our celebrations more memorable here.
We also had some Brits join our celebration too, which is pretty funny, but they thought someone should represent the "old country". We ended the evening with some great fireworks, and some tired children. What a wonderful 4th of July this year.

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