Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Preparing the nest

This past weekend I was in complete nesting mode. I finally got on the ball and ordered diapers (excuse me while I squeal with delight)!!! Who knew cloth diapers could be that exciting, maybe I should get out more. I finally settled on Fuzzy Bunz. I knew how much I did not like the Velcro in Calvin's covers and I liked how the fuzzy bunz were a bit bigger, up to 35 lbs and Bum Genius didn't ship internationally, so I guess it was a no brainer. So I'll be waiting patiently for them to arrive!!!

I spent some quality time with my sewing machine this weekend while my guys either slept or played (my husband truly rocks). I stayed up way to late but made a huge dent on my list of things to sew before our next little guy arrives. I can't wait to show you guys our stroller revamp, it's half done but I need some more fabric to finish it, which involves making my own bias tape. I had planned on ordering some fabric but after some Etsy hunting I could not find a place that would ship internationally that sold both of my favorite selections I instead used this fabric this I picked up at IKEA.

Want a peek at what else I was up to this weekend?

Revamped burpies

A new nursing cover. I loved my first one and I'm sure I'll use this one as much as I used the first one.
A couple sweet pairs of baby shoes (Thanks Lacey for the adorable fabric!)

I'm getting excited about this little guy, can't you tell!

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April said...

so cute Erica!!