Friday, July 16, 2010

Knock, knock, ruff, ruff

I am not an animal person. Sure they are cute, and I like the zoo, but I'm not a "oh let's get a pet" kind of girl. One night we were coming home and we saw a few people in our apartment complex walking their dogs for the night. We both agreed how terrible it would be to have an indoor dog in your apartment here, especially ones our size. It seriously grosses me out to even think about it. The next day when Marvin left for work in the morning there was a puppy curled up in the corner by our apartment door.

I will admit it was cute, but it may be the pregnancy hormones too. While in language class Calvin and his nanny kept going out to see the puppy. After my class was over I opened the door to find that they fed it some bread and gave it some water. I knew Marvin would not be happy, or our neighbors for that matter.

Thankfully it made its way downstairs and outside sometime late afternoon. Calvin was pretty confused at why his "cabaka" (dog) was not by the door anymore, because it was obviously it was his dog. He still opens the door and checks to see if it's there. However the kids on the playground have been enjoying this little puppy, and I'm glad it is not curled up next to our door all day long.

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Jamie said...

Cute! Glad you only had to deal with it for a while, though. LOVE the new blog header picture by the way :)