Wednesday, July 14, 2010

lollypop, lollypop, oh lolly lollypop

Marvin and I love games, unfortunately this life stage we are in doesn't lend itself to being able to play very many of them together. Our evenings are usually filled with studying and weekends we're busy trying to get a few things done or catching up on sleep. Recently Calvin's become interested in games and boy does he love them. He is always begging us to play a "mame" with him. A few favorites are memory, the cookie game, and Candy land. He's slowly getting the concept of games, although we had to modify the cookie "mame" a bit, it's a bingo game and after trying unsuccessfully to get the concept of putting a cookie on the picture instead of matching the pictures we gave up. Instead he just gets a cookie if he has that picture.
Now candy land is a game that brings this child so much joy right now. He just loves it, and LOVES getting any of the special cards, even if he's about to win and he draws a Jolly card, or the Gingerbread card. He'll even try to trade with you if you get one of those. We're excited for more hours of game playing in our future. Now we just have hunt down a Chutes and Ladders game. It was my favorite growing up, and for some crazy reason we didn't bring it. If I had known his love for games it would have been high priority.

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theblans said...

So now I have to get a candy land game for Nate. I didn't think he was ready for board games, but maybe he is. Thanks for the inspiration! We miss our game days too!