Friday, July 23, 2010


We had an ultrasound a week and a half ago.  We had the sweetest tech, who was very kind and patient, two qualities you don't run into often here.  She let Marvin and Calvin come in and answered all of our questions.  Of course I could not see the screen but Marvin and Calvin saw the whole thing.  After watching the baby for a while, Calvin leaned over to Marvin and told him that the baby looks like "Gloppy" from Candy Land.  What a hoot, although I hope our little guy doesn't really look like Gloppy.
The baby seems healthy and was measuring a week ahead of schedule and unfortunately we found out I have excess amniotic fluid again.  My heart certainly dropped at hearing that news as I'm at risk for preterm labor again.  We were praying for an uneventful end to this pregnancy.  After talking with our doctor she feels like it is very likely we will have the same problems this time around, considering my history and the polyhydramnios.  The good news is we'll closely monitor things from home, get frequent ultrasounds and pray our little hearts out that this baby does not try to come early.

I'll be honest there are times when I think about going into labor here and fear grips me like something else.  It's tough knowing that there is no place we can go in our city that could help our baby survive, but at the same time we know the GREAT PHYSICIAN.  There have been days I wonder, will today be the day?  It's hard to live like your a ticking time bomb.  When these moments come it's been good to lay those fears down at Father's feet and trust him for another healthy baby.  It is a sweet thing to be entrusted with a human life but one that also carries so many responsibilities.

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Marie said...

I'll be saying lots of prayers that this little baby will stay put. Oh, and the gloppy comment was hilarious!!!