Monday, July 05, 2010

Ya Sure

This little guy just keeps cracking us up recently at things he says and I don't want to forget them, so here are some classic Calvinisms recently:

His response most of the time when he's agreeing to our suggestions, "Ya Sure."

When we ask him to do something and he's stalling doing it. He's quite clever and will usually say:
"But I have to asked you something." Which is usually preceded by not a question but something like this "memmer when we were are the abc house and ......... yes that was hun (fun)."

When playing he'll suddenly gasp and say.... "I have an idea, ya that'd be a good idea."

"Daddy want to wesle (wrestle) me."

"Pooper Groger." When describing his Super Grover underwear.

Saying "bring it on" when playing "soccer ball". (His daddy taught him that one.)

Every morning he's excited to get dressed and choose which "team" he's going to be for the day. As he looks at his shirts he'll say, "maybe be green team, no blue team, ohhhh mommy stripe team, cool." If anyone else is wearing the same color shirt as he is that day is obviously on the same team as him. (Can you tell he LOVING the world cup lately?)

Anytime either of us leave, he must run to the door give us a kiss and say "I wowve you too."

Such sweet gifts! We truly love this verbal stage.

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