Sunday, July 04, 2010


So far this morning it's a cloudy day and we're hoping the rain holds off until after our 4th of July plans. I know Calvin is really looking forward to a picnic by the river today and Marvin's excited to grill some kebabs (shh don't tell our local friends but he bought some pork).

The 4th of July is a holiday for me where strangely enough I get a little homesick, even more than Christmas. I have such fun memories of spending the 4th on my grandparents farm. It isn't anything but your typical 4th of July celebration, but the smell of fireworks and bug spray open wide the floodgates and the memories come a flowing. It was a day where we could play (we still do), get dirty, eat lots of yummy food, be around our cousins, and do a lot of laughing. I still love it, and it was fun the past two years to be a part of it. Here are some things I will miss this year:

  • Hearing my grandpa pray for the gratefulness of those who have given their lives for their country. Knowing the sincerity of his heart and hearing the pain of losing his own brother in WWII in his prayer. (His generation understands how much freedom costs and I'm so thankful to learn that from him.)

  • My grandma's kitchen instructions. I love being in the kitchen and doing what grandma tells you to do and how she thinks out loud. I can just hear her "Now Erica.........."

  • The commentary on every firework that is shot off from my mom and aunts.

  • Grandma's peach heavenly

  • Catching up with family.

So even though our 4th may look a bit different this year, we have so much to give thanks for. Living in a different country makes us appreciate our upbringing and heritage. We are thankful to be from a country who has the ability to help so many around the world, and where freedom is not just a word but a reality. Truly blessed are we!

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