Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fruit Salad.............yummy yummy

For weeks now Calvin's been wanting to make "fruit salad, yummy yummy".  Now the problem is buying fruit for a fruit salad, every time I'm at the store I forget, but not this week.  I asked him if we needed anything from the grocery store and he informed me that we needed some fruit to make fruit salad, yummy yummy.

On our trip to the grocery store this week he was so excited as we picked out the fruit (imagine lots of jumping up and down and giggling). 

He did a great job cutting up the bananas

and peaches by himself. 

He was so determined to do everything himself, that he wasn't too happy when he needed a little help with the apples, but after trying for a while he conceded and let mommy help.  (Check out his outfit, he's also into dressing himself these days too, his style is quite unique.)

The final result..... A very proud little boy

And it was yummy yummy!

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