Monday, July 12, 2010

Me and my friend Pooh

We have our first imaginary friend around our house. His name is Pooh and he's a great pal. Often Calvin finds himself playing games with Pooh, and I will admit it's nice to have an imaginary playmate around. Some of their favorite things do do are play "soccer ball" or hockey. Occasionally Pooh comes with us places and at times is a little slow, so we have to wait for him. At first this little friend gave me some concerns about the mental state of my child, but rather than worry we've embraced Pooh and are glad he's stuck around.

When we asked Calvin what Pooh looks like he said that he is "a green and white fish." He's quite a talented little fish, that requires no water to survive, but I'm pretty sure his appearance changes some too. What a fun stage!

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