Monday, July 19, 2010

When sleep doesn’t happen………..

We melt, quite literally over everything. I believe I snapped this picture after the little man was told he could not have ice cream until after dinner.

So how do you convince a head strong little guy to take a nap other than make him run laps around our building all morning long? On the days he's not super tired I usually get one of two responses "don't want to"……..or "how bout I just play in my room" (which really means I have no idea how to do this and so every 2 minutes I must come out and tell you something very important.) Any suggestions? We'd love to hear them.


Terri said...

Maybe it's time to adjust the schedule just a bit. When Gabe started having trouble falling asleep for his naps, I moved the start time back about 30 minutes and that helped a lot. I have yet to make napping any kind of choice, though. He has no idea there's any such thing as quiet time in his room yet.

Lacey said...

Oh this is a hard one! I put a couple of toys and books in bed with the boys and they can "play" for a little bit and then fall asleep. It seems to work. We also have a special treat after nap time that we share, but if you don't nap, then the treat gone. It is usually like half a Twinkie or hostess cupcake. Something special!