Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ever wonder what a 35 lb. watermelon looks like?

Here she is......

I asked Marvin to pick up a watermelon after he parked the car on Saturday.  There is a little stand that sells them at the entrance of the parking lot where we take the van to be watched during the night.  He came home carrying this massive thing that weighed more than Calvin.  Apparently all of them were HUGE.  This baby took up way too much room in our fridge.  Thankfully I finally got the last of it cut so we can put more than watermelon in our fridge.

I absolutely love watermelon, so this time of year here is blissful.  I could eat it exclusively for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Unfortunately watermelon has been given me heartburn recently:( But I'm willing to suffer through the heartburn, it's that good.

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Lacey said...

This made me smile! We had a large watermelon like that in Hawaii and my husband, mother in law, and sons polished that baby off in two was impressive!