Thursday, July 15, 2010


I only brought two pairs of summer pjs for Calvin with us from the states, because I knew I could find something for him here. I knew it would be a hunt, and after meandering through the market I was successful, well somewhat. I found some tops and I found some shorts but they didn't match at all. It's been warm, and we are using our AC right now (which is heavenly btw), unfortunately we keep Calvin's door closed at night. So he doesn't get any of the AC air and needs to wear something a little cooler at night. Up until this weekend he's been looking rather local. Matching here is a thing with very loose meaning. (It's actually very nice because I don't have to worry if we don't match perfectly.) So this is how he has been looking when he goes to bed.

Nice huh?

I have been searching for some plain shirts but haven't had much luck. When I was at the grocery store last week randomly there were two blue shirts his exact size just waiting to be turned into something that matched his shorts. So I finally gathered a few free minutes to sew and spent some time making my child some matching shirts and shorts. It felt good to finally send him to bed in something that matched, weird I know.

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Amanda said...

I feel like we have millions of pairs of jammies around our house! With four little ones to clothe, not to mention the jammies that are in transition waiting for a new little one to fit into them, we have a lot of jammies! I've finally given up on trying to have them match. Anymore we resort to an oversized t-shirt. They are cheap, they fit, and no matching! :)