Monday, February 02, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Well our menu looks much the same as last week, since I unexpectedly left town. Marvin didn't stay with Calvin and I because frankly money is pretty tight right now with shorter work hours. It's amazing how God provides for our needs though. It's funny when I'm gone and he has to cook because I can automatically assume he'll have something very meaty. Poor guy, he does great at not complaining and being thankful for every meal I make (he learned that from his dad), but I know he'd love meat every meal. He's just too cute.

Here's what our menu looks like this week:

Monday-Italian Lentil Barley Soup with Biscuits and salad

Tuesday- Caribbean Pork with Rice & Sweet Potatoes

Wednesday-Belated Kansas Day Meal Steak, Potatoes, Salad & KS dirtcake

Thursday-Chicken Pot Pie, Salad

Friday- Left overs

Saturday-Leftovers for lunch, Dinner: Homeade Pizza, Salad & Cooked Carrots

Sunday-Sunday Lunch Guests! Baked Ziti, Breadsticks or french bread, Salad, Cooked Carrots, some sort of dessert

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