Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Nap or Not to Nap that is the Question

Calvin is 16 month's old and we're at a crossroads of two naps a day and one nap a day. I've never been one of those mom's who forced Calvin into a routine. He sort of put himself on a schedule. I nursed him when he was hungry when he was a baby, even when it wasn't "time", but he usually did this at regular intervals. Sleep was another story. It took a while for him to nap more than 30 minutes, but I stuck to trying to lay him down at certain times and now he's become pretty predictable. We also started a bedtime routine early: bath, bible, pray and bed when he was too tiny to care. We are thankful we stuck to it because he knows what is coming now, he even points to what comes next.

So this little transition is hard for all of us. Last night Marvin and I talked about bumping lunch up (11:30) and putting him down earlier so we could drop his morning nap. I was all set to do that today but he was literally falling over he was so tired. So I gave him a little snack and put him down, he was asleep in no time. Yesterday was another story, he acted tired so I put him down for his normal morning nap and he slept for maybe 20 minutes and was wide awake. He usually goes down again at 3:30 but he was so grumpy and just wanted me to hold him so I put him down again at 1:00 and he slept an hour and a half. But boy was he tired by bedtime, 7:30, he had a melt down at dinner when he discovered he had water instead of milk and we weren't going to give him any more milk.

So what do I do? How long does this transition last? How did you do it? I'm sure going to miss two naps a day, but I want him to get the rest he needs, even if it is in one chunk rather than two. Your advice please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Meshellyn said...

Hmm. I wish I could remember our transition, I think it came pretty easily and was at about 1 year since Em started going to daycare a couple of days a week. I decided to try and follow her school schedule and it's worked well. Basically she eats lunch at 11 (if she is hungry, or has a small snack). Then she goes down for her nap between 12 and 1. Usually closer to noon. She takes 2-3 hour naps everyday and then goes down for bed between 8-8:30. If she's tired sooner at night, she goes down earlier. That's what works for us. I'm sure there will be days during this transition that Calvin just needs a morning nap or take an early afternoon and a late afternoon nap. I'm lucky that I have a child who will sleep if she's tired... at least most of the time :)

Meshellyn said...

Oh and there are days that we don't eat "lunch" until after she wakes up in the afternoon. I just try and stay flexible and follow her lead. I'm sure Calvin will do great! Good luck and remember one long nap and an earlier bedtime can be great for mommy!

Marie said...

When the weather gets warmer, you guys will fill your mornings with outside outings to the park, zoo, etc. That will keep him awake and happy. Then when you get home he'll take a nice, long afternoon nap. That's how we did our transition. :)