Friday, February 13, 2009

Seconds Please!

My mom made this casserole growing up and it was always a favorite. Since we have several meatless meals a week I thought I could revamp this. It originally calls for ground beef, but I substituted lentils and it worked and was very tasty. Calvin gobbled up 2 servings, so I think he loved it.

BBQ Lentil Casserole about $3.30 for 6 servings

1 c. dried lentils or 1 lb. ground beef (50 cents)
1 can Pork and Beans (I have no idea maybe 75 cents?)
¾ c. BBQ Sauce (50 cents)
2 T. Brown Sugar (pennies, you can substitute if you wish)
1 T. Minced Onion (pennies)
1 t. Salt (pennies)
Biscuits (75 cents)
1 -1 1/2 c. Shredded Cheese (75 cents)

1. Boil lentils in salted water about 20 minutes or until tender. When lentils are tender drain them.

2. While lentils are boiling, prepare biscuits if making from scratch. I used up the last of my Bisquick for this recipe, from now on it's biscuits from scratch. Once you make your biscuits cut them in half. (You can even use refrigerated biscuits, if you need some coupons let me know I never buys these but there are always so many of them in the paper.)
3. If working with a helper, make sure the opened bag of dried lentils is out of reach as well as all sharp objects, like the knife you used to cut the biscuits. (I learned the hard way, but thankfully only a few lentils were sacrificed.)

4. Dump everything into your casserole dish and mix well. (I didn't have any minced onion, regular onions would work fine, but I'm running kind of low so I just added onion powder.) I used a damp clean cloth to wipe the edge of the side of the dish above the BBQ lentil mixture to make sure it didn't leave a baked on mess.
5. Once mixed top with shredded cheese. Then add the biscuits to the outside of your casserole dish, forming a biscuit ring.
6. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes or until biscuits are golden brown. (Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the final product.)
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Amanda said...

Oh, Erica! I just remembered that I told you I'd get you some of my favorite meatless meals. I'm am SO sorry that I totally forgot. Can I blame it on the pregnancy?? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh waouh that sounds great!!!
I just found your recipe on the grocery cart challenge :)

I love lentils and bbq :)

Rachael said...

BBQ and lentils...what a great combo idea! We love BBQ flavor around here and are always looking for new things to do with lentils! Thanks!

Max and April said...

We tried it last night Erica! So good. Well we did use hamburger instead of lentils though. :) Always fun to try new things! it was good to see your face last week even though not under the most pleasant circumstances. We should really get together soon! Max and I will talk about it this weekend and I will give you a call...