Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deals This Week

Well I'm slowly starting to remember more of the prices of things. I usually try to guesstimate how much I will spend before I go to the store. Participating in Gayle's Grocery Round up has helped me pound the prices through my brain, as well as made me stick to our budget. So this week I'm only going to include some of the great deals I found with the picture. We have a budget of $50/week food $10/week household items.

Grocery Total: $40.03
Dillons $17.60

  • Manager Special 1/2 gallon milk .99 each
  • 3.07 lb. bananas 1.11
As I looked at my receipt I was disappointed because I bought some red tape bananas and they were more expensive than I thought, I was charged the full price for organic bananas rather than for the red tape price. So rather than eat the $1.67, I jogged myself over there to get things straightened out (Marvin had the car for the day and I needed to work out). Plus I got a nice jog in too and we stopped by the playground for a few minutes on our way home.

Aldi $22.43

  • 4 pears .79 (I bought 2)
  • Avocado .89
  • 8oz. bars of cheese 1.29 (I bought 4)
  • American cheese slices 1.49

I'm hoping to find some Manager Special soy milk later on this week, our Dillons tends to mark them down on Fridays. Which should push our grocery total to around $42 this week. Last week I was over about $4 (It was Valentine's Day so I splurged to make chocolate silk pie) and the week before I was over $6 so this week should balance everything out, and give me $48 for next week!

Household Items Total: 18.25

It's a good thing we didn't spend any money on household last week. We needed the extra for this week.


It's a bummer these light bulbs are so expensive, hopefully they will be worth the $9.54 I spent on them.

Lotion $1.24

Walgreen's Steal of the Week:

My Walgreen's gift card still was not loaded grrr, so I had to pay out of pocket for these diapers, but I believe they were a great deal.

They were $15.98 originally but this week there is a coupon for $3.00 off each package in their ad, which brings the total to $9.98 for two jumbo packs, not bad, but I had a $6.00 Register Reward from last week bringing these to $3.98 + tax! SCORE, now hopefully we'll like these. I'm a little bit of a name brand diaper snob but for this price I thought they were worth the risk.

I also picked up some valentine's for next year for .99. hopefully he will still be into trucks next year.

Check out the Grocery Cart Challenge to see how other's did this week.

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