Saturday, February 21, 2009

Smiling's my Favorite

What a cutie! I love this little guy and we had so much fun together yesterday afternoon. We have tried to get out every nice day and go for a little jog. On Monday we discovered a park nearby and we had so much fun that we went back yesterday. The first time we made our way to this park we tried a new path home and it worked beautifully, this time around I got a little turned around and instead of a 30 minute walk home it turned into an hour walk home. This park is surrounded by a golf course and the neighborhood we walk through has these curvy roads so when I thought I was going east, I actually ended up going north. I really amaze myself at my ability to get lost.

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Marie said...

You and me both Erica! We're two peas in a pod I think. When I went to Manhattan a few weeks ago I couldn't even remember how to get from Aggieville back to I-70 to go home! Heather and Mindy had to tell me! :)