Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Adventures of a 15 Month Old

We ended our emergency trip to E-town last week by celebrating my mom's birthday. Calvin certainly has a special love for both his grandmas, his presence was a great birthday treat for my mom.

Last week he learned how to open the door to the bedroom on his own, it doesn't latch so it pulls open and he can fit little fingers in the crack to pull it open. He was always ready to find grandma and grandpa as soon as his eyes were open, he didn't inherit his morning brightness from either of us. Monday morning Mavin brought him to bed with us when he woke up because we were still tired and of course he didn't want anything to do with bed, he was ready to eat, so he wiggled off the bed and comes back to our room with one of those Gerber Graduates Entrees that I left out on the counter. (His reach is pretty amazing these days.) Needless I was feeling like a pretty horrible mom when he brought that in, our poor son was foraging for food. I need to get back in routine again of waking up early and working out, and stop staying awake until 1:30 reading.

Shortly after the new year he got his first haircut! We decided to try to do it ourselves, since Marvin is pretty good at cutting hair and honestly I think he did a great job. The trick is to figure out a way to distract him. We tried sitting him on the sink so he could see us in the mirror and he just wanted to turn around. We found out that if we turned on the water he was entertained. He's had a second hair cut since then, but we did it while he was playing in the bath tub, I think it worked much better.

And here is my curious 15 month old. He can now climb onto chairs independently, I didn't think about this until he emptied the salt on the floor. I was cleaning up the kitchen and surprise, Calvin was pouring the salt out. I am now reminding myself to push the chairs in. We've had to add a few more safety precautions to our house since his curiosity is growing everyday.

Calvin had his 15 month check up and he now weighs 21.4lbs and is in the 10th percentile for weight and he grew 3 inches since his 12 month check up, he climbed up to 31 inches, and made his way to the 50th percentile!

This is my favorite picture we've taken recently. He's very into imitating what you do and very interested in phones and clocks so I about melted when Marvin was on the phone and Calvin climbed up next to him just chatting away too. He has also added the word clock to his vocabulary and every place we go he'll find one.

Remember the part about how his curiosity is growing everyday? Well here's where I found him the other night. I had pulled out a new bath toy and he had so much playing with it in his bath that later on he just couldn't wait anymore. I guess I'll have to remind myself to close the bathroom door as well as push in chairs. He certainly keeps us busy.

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such a sweet sweet boy!