Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leaving a Legacy

Tuesday was a hard day for many, especially Joel and Jess and their family, as they celebrated the life of their daughter. It was overwhelming how many people came to love them and to grieve together. It was heart wrenching looking at a tiny coffin, and it was so clear how eternity is written on our hearts. Life isn't suppose to end at 11 months. But what Cora did leave behind was a beautiful legacy, a life that has touched so many. Many of us never met her, but our lives were touched. As I looked at the picture they chose to include on the program I couldn't help but think how angelic her face looked and how sweet it was that she was now with Jesus. There are still times when I am broken to tears for the things Joel and Jess will never get to do with their little girl, but I am thankful that we serve a God who welcomed Cora into his loving arms and that this goodbye is only temporary.

What a legacy Cora has left. Her family has set up a fund to build a playground in her honor. I know I have been touched to help make that possible, even when times are tough financially. If you are interested please visit her website. I also found a few people who are donating the proceeds of items they have made to benefit Cora's playground. I haven't decided which one I will order, but it's neat to see how others are using their skills to remember Cora. A beautiful reminder of the body of Christ.

Joy's Hope
adorable Flower Headbands

The Busy Bee
Cute Button Flowers

I love Plum
Children's Tees and Onesies

Kissable Kreations

If any of you would like to listen to her celebration of life go here. Their family's website does say that a video of the ceremony will be coming soon. Thanks for grieving with me and celebrating the legacy of this sweet child.

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