Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching Some Spring Fever

Spring Fever has officially hit, these warm days have inspired me to start our garden. I’ve never been one to keep anything alive, other than people, so I’m a bit nervous about this endeavor. Last year’s garden was a complete flop, our soil is worthless and nothing grew, so I’m trying a container garden this year. So here’s my game plan for the spring crop:


I have a tendency to go overboard, but I think this is a nice little garden that I can manage. So all you gardeners out there, any tips for me, perhaps the worse gardener in the world? When should I start my seeds? I think I should do it soon, but what do I know?

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The Fat Dietitian said...

I want to garden this year too, but I am somewhat unsure pf where to start. I might just stick with a basic herb garden...