Monday, February 02, 2009

Grocery Cart Roundup

Well I'm over budget by 6.47, because of the great deals at Dillons this week, I couldn't resist going back one more time. The good news is I've got lots of things for Marvin's lunches for the next several weeks and I found some great prices on meat this week. Our freezer is at maximum capacity so we better start eating some of it up.

I spent $56.47 on groceries this week. (Here's the menu for the week.)

Round 1

Price Chopper (e-town) 14.54
almost 5 lbs Ground Beef $8.88
Ken's Salad Dressing Free (coupon)
2 Kraft Dressing $.50 each (coupon)
16 oz. Highland Cheese $2.20 (coupon)

Dillons Round One 19.73
4 pkgs Cottonelle $.75 (3 coupons)
Soy Milk $2.49
Margarine $.77
Jar of Yeast $5.25
Bananas $1.68
Sweet Potatoes $1.11
4 Valley Fresh Green Giant Steamers FREE (used 4 coupons)
2 boxes Wheat Thins $1.78 (used coupon)
8 oz. Kraft Bar Cheddar Cheese $1.50
2 pkg Fiber One Bars $1.43 (used coupons)
1 pkg Nature Valley Granola Bars $1.09 (used coupon)

Round 2

Dillons again $14.61

Skirt Steak $2.81

Dannon Plain Yogurt $.63

2 boxes Fiber One Granola Bars $2.68 (coupons)

2 bags Chex Mix $1.78 (coupons)

8 oz. Kraft Mozzarella Bar Cheese $1.50

Kraft American Slices $1.50

3 boxes Nature Valley Granola Bars $5.77 (coupons & got back 1.50 towards next purchase)

Kleenex Lotion Tissues $.20 (coupons)

Aldi $6.19

Gala Apples 1.19

2 bags Baby Carrots $.98

Iceburg Lettuce $.99

Flour $1.76

Bananas $.90

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Marie said...

Nice job Erica! I always struggle whether to go over budget when you can stock up, but it's always worth it when you have a pantry/freezer/fridge filled with food and don't have to go back and pay full price for stuff.

Sherry said...

I love love love the fiber one bars. My fav. Strawberry/Almond. Deelish. They have unfortunately/fortunately? not sure which one...become my breakfast every morning to take on the road.

Thanks for letting us know about sweet Cora. She has been in my thoughts and prayers since you posted about her.

And sweet little Calvin. Cutest little man! And remind me why we don't live closer?

Latte said...

When I go over budget...I wish it was only by 6 dollars, usually if I know I am going over I just go all out. Not smart.