Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mail that makes me Happy

Yesterday was a bum mail day. We got the Dillons ad, which I am always excited to see unfortunately I made a trip to the store that morning and picked up a ciruclar already, other than that we just got our internet bill. No coupons, no freebies, bummer.

Today was another stories, not only did I get coupons, but I got a free sample, a few Valentine's cards and..... puppets. A few weeks ago I was a little obssesed with registering for things over at the Bloggy Carnival. Oh my goodness I could have spent hours looking at blogs, I'm little addicted.
I registered for quite a few and surprise I won, I was so pumped because I NEVER win. Now I can't say that again. I won two adorable puppets! I can't wait for Calvin to play with them. He recently has become interested the puppets I had from teaching. He'll love these penguins. The lady who made these is very talented. Check out her Etsy shop. Something else that I could easily be addicted to.

Also some of you asked about the CD Calvin was dancing to and I found that info. I was so excited to see they had a personalized Birthday CD. I had a tape when I was a kid and I still can sing you my birthday song. My mom woke us up to our song on our birthdays. Guess what Calvin is going to hear on his 2nd birthday????? I'm so pumped. Go here to find out more about personalized CDs. Oh and Sherry sorry they only have one of your childrens' names, bummer.


LW said...

I have a CD of songs that all have Aiden's name in it. It is so much fun! I love the it's time to wake up Aiden song...I think it is from Hawaii Kids Music, I know we got it back home.


Sherry said...

i love etsy as well. I got on it the other night...i couldn't pull myself away. I found all sort of things that I needed....