Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Good and The Bad

We now have a new family record for packing, we seriously were out the door in an hour and a half, and I managed to pack no only clothes but toys and food. We made it to the hospital safely, the roads were great once we got past Wichita.

My dad is doing much better, he was itchin' to get out of the hospital and and they released him today. The reason for all the concern was they were unsure where the blood he vomited came from. Test results showed he was no longer bleeding, which is a great thing but the best they could conclude was it was from ulcers on his esophagus. We hope this situation has resolved itself. The only problems he has now is finding foods that sit well with his stomach. I'm staying here in E-Town to help my mom out so that she can go back to work, we don't want to repeat the situation again without anyone around. Apparently he lost a lot of blood on Monday.

Calvin enjoyed riding in Grandpa's bed at the hospital and was happy that he had more energy today, this evening he ran up to his legs while he was sitting on the couch just ready to play. I am so thankful to have such a flexible little guy. Poor thing didn't get to bed until about 9:30 last night, when finally his body couldn't take it any longer he gave up and closed his eyes.

Every time I look at my sweet boy my heart is burdened to pray for another little one. Please continue to lift up Cora, you can find more out about her condition on her family's blog. She has begun her chemo treatments, so pray for her tiny body during this assault of chemicals and for her family as they watch their little girl grow weaker. Let's believe God for a miracle.


Marie said...

I'm glad your dad is feeling a little better. Hopefully Calvin cheered him up a little bit. I thought it was really neat to see all of the strangers that are praying for little Cora.

Sherry said...

I keep thinking of you and Miss Cora. We are def. praying for her and her family. Breaks my heart.