Monday, January 26, 2009

Yuck, I better get some knee pads

Many of you know my dad has been sick off and on the last 7 years, almost 8. He's in need of liver transplant and has been working more recently with doctors to take steps in that direction. Today he got sick again and he's in ICU. Due to weather they were unable to life flight him to Kansas City so they took him to the closest place, Topeka. I haven't been able to find out what is going on, but am thankful my brother is with my mom right now.

So it looks like we'll be in for a trip in the next day or so, weather permitting. I'd appreciate your prayers for my dad. Calvin and I spent last week with my parents and my dad was doing well, he had a blast playing with his grandson. I'm trying not to let my mind go to other places and focus on what is taking place right now. It's defiantly hard.

It seems like today was such a heavy day. The weather was drab and my heart was full of ache already for a few friends and this just added to the heaviness. I was reminded of Job today and just the assault of things that God allowed Satan to do to him. The loss of children, his dignity, status in the community, his health, and still he acknowledged the God who has every right to take things away. I love how God allows Job to make pleas and question him, but Job ultimately comes back to trusting in His perfect will. I am trying to allow God to teach me what it looks like to cry out "Blessed Be YOUR NAME" in all things.

Would you also join me in praying for a sweet little girl? Her name is Cora and we went to college with her parents. She was diagnosed with cancer this past week, she is 10 months old. Heartbreaking, I know. Would you pray that her parents have the strength to endure what is ahead and that God would show himself powerfully in this situation. That doctors would be amazed at how little Cora was healed. If you want to follow this situation and commit to pray for them you can find updates from a friend here or you can check Joel & Jess's blog.

Thank you for sharing my burdens.


Sarah said...

Friend, I am lifting you up and your family!! And, for Cora too!

Sherry said...

Praying for you and your pops. He's in the greatest hands of all. Love you and your whole family. Keep me posted.