Monday, January 12, 2009

Nostalgic Week

Well I don't have anything to post for my Monday menu plan, because this week the menu isn't up to me...what a great break! We're visiting my parents this week and Calvin is loving being around grandpa & grandma. He loves being the center of attention and if he isn't getting attention he is throwing some lovely tantrums. My patience today has been very thin, as he has started hitting me as part of his tantrums, and being away from home we don't have our nice little time out spot that had worked so great. I can tell being away from his daddy has certainly brought part of this on, so we'll see how the rest of the week turns out. I am very thankful he is sleeping right now because I really needed a break. Naps are such a blessing, sorry to all you moms out there who have some kiddos who are out of that phase of life. I don't know what I would do without them right now.

This week is filling up with lots of things and people to see. I have enjoyed getting to take Calvin to do a few things that I did growing up. The first stop was here....

It's a great little zoo and it's free. It won't take you too long to walk through it, but it was perfect for us. Calvin loved watching the vultures and prairie dogs. They were both very active and Calvin was busy pointing at them moving. Hopefully the weather will hold up this week and let us go one more time.

This morning we headed to story time...
I was bummed they didn't still have the coolest chairs in the world (they were round and hard and spun perfectly). But they really have a great play area set up for toddlers. Calvin loved it, if it gets colder we'll have to go back.

So that's our week so far. We're looking forward to seeing some friends later on in the week, but most of all we are looking forward to Marvin returning. Saturday can't get here soon enough.


Lacey said...

Erica the egg chairs were upstairs at one time! Make sure they are not up there and you are missing out!

Sherry said...

take tons of pictures!!! that makes me nostalgic with you, i haven't been back in over 6 years. Crazy.

Remember when my brother worked at the library? And how he hit the drop box with his car on accident...but didn't tell his boss? And how he got fired for that? Still makes me crack up like nothing else.

Enjoy your break-you are a great mama. My kids decided their terrible twos would start at 15ish months...but end a little early. I think Mr.C is following along:).