Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Grocery Cart Roundup for the week

I stumbled on this blog a few months ago and love it. It's called Grocery Cart Challenge and every week there is a picture of her groceries, which inspired me to take picture of my groceries. I decided to link my blog up this week. (Sherry you should totally check it out as she lives in your neck of the woods.)

My total this week at Dillons, Aldi and Walgreens was.....$37.03 (I have to pick up a few more things but they are little so I think we'll come out around $40, $10 under budget, sweet.)

So what does $37.03 buy you?

Dozen Eggs (1.62, I was bummed I forgot them at Aldi, I think they are 1.29 there)
2 1/2 gallons Soy Milk (2.49 ea.)
Applesauce (1.29 used a .60 store coupon)
Bac N Buds (2.99, Marvin's salad staple)
Kosher Salt (1.69)
Grape Jelly (1.79)
Gallon Skim Milk (2.99)
4 lb bag grapefruit (3.00)
3.18 lb. bananas (.13 I had a store coupon for $2.00 off fruit if you bought more than 4.00)
Sunflower Seeds (1.75)
Peanuts (1.44 used .75 cellfire coupon)

Chocolate Chips (1.49)
Sweet potatoes (1.69)
Chicken Bouillon Cubes (1.09)
Iceburg Lettuce (.99)
Frozen OJ (1.25)
Crushed Pineapple (.89)
Whole Grain White Bread (1.29)

4 Cans Progresso Soup (4.00, used two .50/wyb 2 coupons, but didn't pay anything out of pocket because I used my gift card. So in our house if it money doesn't exchange hands it's free!)

I had some household stuff in the mix of this at Dillons so if my totals are off it's due to the tax. We keep household items and food separated in our budget. But I did the P & G deals, combined with coupons and esaver coupons and got some free and nearly free items along with a great deal on diapers. We are set on shampoo, soap, toothpaste, & diapers for a while. I spent $17.27 for household this week, but I'm stocked for a while so that area should be dramatically less in the coming weeks if not months.


Gayle said...

Great job! Isn't it fun to see what everyone is getting?

Meshellyn said...

You gotta love saving money on stuff you need! I'm on a mission to save as much money this year as possible. Glad to see you're doing so well at it!

Marie said...

Nice job Erica! Did you guys already have meat and stuff stockpiled?

Marvin, Erica and Calvin said...

Yes I'm using meat out of our freezer this week. I will buy meat if I see a good deal on it, but this week I didn't see much on sale or on manager's special. I try to stock up when I see good deals and when I make my menu for the month I base it on what I have in my freezer. We also get meat from Angel food, a grocery thing our church does where you order a box of food. I try to stretch that meat as far as I can. Occassionally Marvin's family or my family will give us some meat, which helps tremendously (the meat I used in the stew on Monday was from my grandparent's, benefits of farmers who raise cattle).