Saturday, November 12, 2011

what season is it?

I’m so glad I thought to bring my camera when I picked him up from preschool about a month ago.  I was itching to snap some pictures of the boys by the fence of his school.  I’m glad I did it when I did because the next day it started raining, and it didn’t stop for a week. I would have missed my chance to capture them surrounded by autumn.

Then on October 30th we saw our first snowflakes.  Nothing stuck.  But still snow in October, what?!?

A week later we had our first snow.  There was enough of it to play in and the next day, which just happened to be a holiday so Marvin didn’t have to work and Calvin didn’t have school, so it felt like a snow day.

Micah was pretty unimpressed, especially when the sled tipped over and he got a face full of snow.  

But not Calvin he could have stayed outside all day long if we let him.  He was also thankful for a few pals outside to play with that day too.

We shall see what this winter will bring.  Calvin will be thrilled if we have snow early this year.  I on the other hand wouldn’t mind if it waited a few more weeks.  I’m trying to rethink our routines because until everything freezes it is ridiculously tough to push our stroller through the slush and mud.  I’m dreaming of having a set of bigger wheels someday, but realistically I’ll probably just put Micah in the Ergo on my back and deal with all the stares.  But I’ll need to figure out how I’m going to carry all my groceries home without my “grocery cart” aka, the stroller.  

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Michelle said...

Oh yeah, aren't we all dreaming of a Phil & Ted's! I'm jealous you have snow...I miss snow!