Wednesday, November 16, 2011


One of the fabulous things about having a local in our home is that they have often teach me how to do things more efficiently.  Since I didn’t grow up here the way I do household chores is how I was taught how to do things.  

We had a dryer growing up so hanging our laundry up to dry is not second nature.  I’ve developed as system of how I think things dry quicker, pinning jeans upside down, placement on the drying rack, use of a fan, etc.  But when our nanny hung up our wet sheets the other day I was blow away by her brilliance.

She folded the sheet into fourths and pinned it to the rack.  No more throwing sheets over the doors for me.  These dried just like normal and they were much easier to fold up afterwards and they were flatter to store.  Love it.  I still haven’t embraced ironing my sheets though and I likely never will.

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